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Wallace Cranes

Wallace Cranes has promoted these products:

Wallace Cranes - Proprietary self-centering beam support design

Wallace 1/2 Ton to 3 Ton Aluminum Tri-Adjustable Portable Cranes (read more)

Wallace Cranes - Kart Kits for transporting cranes

Heavy Duty Kart Kit (Model 5148) makes use of the standard Tri-Adjustable caster frame and casters. Lower capacity units will have single casters. Kart Kits let you easily move dis-assembled tall cranes through small doorways. (read more)

Wallace Cranes - Aluminum Adjustable Height Tripod Crane

Wallace Cranes offers 23 models of portable tripods. You may choose from adjustable height aluminum units, adjustable height steel units, fixed height aluminum units, or fixed height steel units. All units include a standard base with lashing cable. Rubber base pad kits, mud base plate kits, and spike base kits are optional for all units. (read more)

Wallace Cranes - Ideal for Maintenance, Manufacturing, Repairs

These all steel fixed height cranes have the greatest clear span of any Wallace crane. Capacities are 1 to 7.5 tons. Height is available from 9' 6" to 18' 1", spans range from 8 ft to 35 ft.; all have non-marking and non-sparking wheels. (read more)

Wallace Cranes - Looking for a Safe and Reliable Investment?

Then Invest in a Wallace Crane. Our portable cranes provide safe and reliable lifting for many years to come. If you are tired of poor quality equipment, step up to the security provided by a Wallace Portable crane. For the long haul and across the shop floor, Wallace Cranes like the Thrifty Adjustable Aluminum make sense. (read more)

Wallace Cranes - How Do You Move the Motor

How Do You Move the Motor ...That Moves Your World?

Running a "lean" maintenance department can carry a heavy cost, especially when you don’t have a Wallace Portable Crane. While you can’t plan your next emergency, you can plan what fixes the problem. (read more)

Wallace Cranes - Just One Crane? Really?

When it comes to cranes, one size does NOT fit all. You need different sizes and capacities. (read more)

Wallace Cranes - Need a Smaller Heavyweight?

The Mighty Mite is an excellent cost-effective solution to custom built workstation cranes. (read more)

Wallace Cranes - How Current is Your Technology?

No matter what level your manufacturing capabilities are, Wallace Cranes can help. If the weight of your end product created with 5-axis machining is on the order of ounces, then a Wallace Crane can be used to help install and perform routine maintenance on the tooling. (read more)

Wallace Cranes - MIGHTY MITE Gantry Cranes

For less demanding applications, Wallace offers Mighty Mite Cranes with ¼ thru ½ ton capacities; adjustable heights from 7 ft. 11 in. to 12 ft. 0 in., spans from 8 to 15 ft. These cranes can be configured with inboard or outboard bracing and as a cantilever (with appropriate counterweights if necessary). (read more)

Wallace Cranes - Adjustable Span and Cantilever Capability

Adjustable span gives more advantages - bracing may be inboard or outboard or cantilever configuration. Cantilever overhang is limited to 25% of the I-beam length. Cantilever capacity is limited to 60% of the rated load. (read more)

Wallace Cranes - Matching the Crane to Your Application

When choosing a crane, select for criteria in the following order:

  • Lifting Capacity
  • Lifting Height
  • Height Under Beam
  • Adjustability
  • Work Envelope
  • Transportation
(read more)
Wallace Cranes - Going Green? then you need Wallace Cranes

If you are going Green then you need Wallace Cranes. Our versatile cranesare now in use in power and water plants across the country and around the world. Next generation motors use much less electricity and can lower your power factor, lowering your energy costs. (read more)

Wallace Cranes - Just One Screwdriver? Just One Crane?

Imagine your boss asking you to get by with just one screwdriver. When you're done laughing, think about your lifting equipment. One Size Fits All does not work in material handling either. (read more)

Wallace Cranes - Roll Your Own?

Roll Your Own?

Can You Really Afford it? (read more)

Wallace Cranes - You'll need more than two guys and a wheelbarrow!

Heavy equipment like draglines or erection cranes do not build themselves. You need ground-based lift equipment to get the big boys up in the air. Use a Wallace Crane to speed precision assembly. And when the equipment breaks down, you need more than two guys and a wheelbarrow. You need a Wallace Portable Crane! (read more)

Wallace Cranes - Roll Your Own, Can You Afford It

Trying to make you own lift equipment to "save" money might cost you. (read more)

Wallace Cranes - Absolute Reliability, Absolutely Perfect Fit

Aerospace companies look to the skies. They imagine their craft breaking through the atmosphere into outer space. And the voyage of every spaceship begins with extensive planning and engineering on the ground. Wallace Cranes is proud to be part of that “ground up” effort. (read more)

Wallace Cranes - Rock, Paper, Scissors?

Wallace Cranes serve a wide range of high and low tech industries. We move products days or millions of years old with equal ease. (read more)

Wallace Cranes -  Cranes -Tri-Adjustable...Minimizes the Stress

Wallace Cranes are designed to distribute the load and keep all four (or eight) casters on the floor at all times. The proprietary Wallace four-bar linkage in our Tri-Adjustable cranes keeps the unit stable and distributes the load over all the legs. Distributing the load minimizes the stress on any one part of the crane. (read more)

Wallace Cranes - Lightweight Portable Cranes...for Workstation

Wallace Cranes - Lightweight, High Capacity Portable Workstation Crane in 500 or 1,000 lbs. Mighty-Mite cranes set-up fast. (read more)

Wallace Cranes -  Portable Cranes...maintenance & repair

Wallace Cranes - helps you Maintain Energy Efficiency. Routine maintenance helps lower energy costs. Using "waste heat" lowers costs even more. (read more)

Wallace Cranes -  Cranes... Plant Maintenance

Wallace Cranes - bring your heavy lifting problems down to size. As you try to do more with less, you can use a Wallace Crane to help rearrange your workflows to optimize product paths. When it comes time to put your plans in action, our versatile, portable cranes can make difficult moves look like child's play. (read more)

Wallace Cranes - Lightweight Cranes for Research

Wallace Cranes - Most research requires heavy lifting. Whether you are studying fundamental particles or scaling up your process for alternate fuels, you need to lift a lot more than 75 lbs. Lightweight Wallace Thrifty Adjustable cranes can lift tons and weight under 400 lbs. These cranes are already in use for chip design, process engineering, and the chemica... (read more)

Wallace Cranes - Cranes - Material Handling

Wallace Portable Cranes - the 18 foot tall Round Tube Steel Tri-Adjustable shown here is supporting a nearly 3-ton section of steel pipe, 12 feet long. When not moving WIP or finished goods, Wallace Cranes are ideal for once-in-awhile maintenance lifts, like replacing a worn motor. However, most Wallace users do not limit themselves to just maintenance tasks. (read more)

Wallace Cranes - Make WWTP Repairs, NOW

After a long cold, winter anything that can be broken, probably is. Rely on Wallace Cranes for repairs. (read more)

Wallace Cranes -  Cranes...Aluminum Portable Adjustable 1/2-3 Ton

Wallace Cranes - Portable Gantry Cranes are ideal for maintenance, manufacturing, repairs, and other materials handling tasks. With an adjustable height and/or span, a single crane can provide a flexible lifting solution. (read more)

Wallace Cranes -  Aluminum Cranes...Fixed & Adjustable Height

Wallace Cranes -Aluminum cranes are available in fixed and adjustable height versions. They have the greatest clear span of any Wallace Crane. Capacities are 1/2 to 2 tons. Height is available from 9' 6" to 11' 6", spans range from 8 ft to 15 ft.; all have non-marking and non-sparking wheels. (read more)

Wallace Cranes - Industrial Cranes and Particle Physics

Particle physics and industrial cranes go together. The smaller the particles, the heavier the equipment. (read more)

Wallace Cranes - Got Chips?

Wallace moves a lot chips, not just the ones you can eat. (read more)

Wallace Cranes - Fixed & Adjustable Height Cranes

These all aluminum cranes are available in fixed and adjustable height versions. They have the greatest clear span of any Wallace crane. (read more)

Wallace Cranes - Rolling Heavy

Wallace Cranes are made to move fully loaded (read more)

Wallace Cranes - Trusted, Irreplaceable Lifting

When the the cost of a bad lift is unimaginable. (read more)

Wallace Cranes -  Maintenance Cranes for Education

Any .edu needs the right lift equipment. Wallace Cranes keep students, faculty, and facilities warm and happy? (read more)

Wallace Cranes -  Cranes - Custom to specification

Wallace Cranes - Standard cranes as a start point for custom lift equipment. While the standard Wallace Crane includes casters, for some applications customers want a crane bolted to the floor. (read more)

Wallace Cranes - Cranes That Fit, Cranes That Work

You need more than one crane. Get the right sized Wallace crane for material handling, maintenance, and installation. Lift capacities from ¼ to 15 tons. Hundreds of crane models available. (read more)

Wallace Cranes - Lifting Accessories

You need more than a bare crane. Wallace provides a full range of lifting accessories. (read more)

Wallace Cranes - Lightweight Aluminum Crane

Wallace Aluminum Cranes for a Lightweight Heavy Lifting Solution. (read more)

Wallace Cranes -  Factory Floor Planning...Designed to Fit

Wallace Crane - Simulation software is no longer the exclusive province of your development staff. You can (and should) plan your lifting and factory equipment placement. (read more)