Product Announcements



Watts has promoted these products:

Watts - Watts Backflow Preventer Retrofit-Spool solution

Watts' Backflow Preventer Retrofit-Spool solution is a replacement for aging or inoperative backflow preventers. (read more)

Watts - ADA-Compliant Stainless Steel Shower Channel Drain

The BLÜCHER BWC Waterline Shower Channel is a modular channel drain fully compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act. The shower channel's thin profile enables both in-slab and above-floor construction, with a single flashing point and floor penetration. (read more)

Watts - What is the TRITON Pipe Fusion System?

Introducing the TRITON™ Pipe Fusion system—A new plastic pipe joining system designed to revolutionize pipe joining with state-of-the-art radio fusion (RF) technology. (read more)

Watts - Dead Level™ Presloped Trench Drain System

Introducing the Dead Level™ Presloped Trench Drain System—An innovative drain system designed to reduce installation time & eliminate floating and misalignment during concrete pour. (read more)

Watts - IntelliFlow™ Washing Machine Shutoff Valve

Watt has released its next generation Intelliflow A2CM1 automatic washing machine shutoff valve designed to meet the requirements of today’s washing machine technology. The latest model provides enhanced performance and a simplified product set-up procedure. (read more)

Watts - Watts ACV Flood Protection Valves

Watts Flood Protection ACVs guard against costly water damage in residential, commercial, and other settings. (read more)

Watts - Watts Announces Complete ACV Line

Watts Water Technologies announces its full line of Automatic Control Valves – complete with a wide range of cast iron ACVs and also its newest Stainless Steel Star line. (read more)

Watts - TRITON Street Reducer Fittings

Watts has unveiled the Series TR30P1 street reducer fittings for its TRITON pipe fusion system offering. (read more)

Watts - ChloraBlock Filter to Remove Chloramines

Watts has unveiled the Watts ChloraBlock Filter, a cartridge filter that provides four times the chloramine-reducing capacity of standard carbon blocks and twice the chlorine-reducing capacity of standard carbon blocks. (read more)

Watts - OneWatts Water - Your One Stop Shop

Watts is now known for much more than traditional rough plumbing products. Instead, we are truly a one-stop shop for all your plumbing, heating, and water quality solutions. We are "OneWatts Water". (read more)

Watts - Reliability meets serviceability with Watts!

Reliability meets serviceability with the Watts W100T and W110 Series Water Softeners. (read more)

Watts - Lead Free Success Story - Plumbing

Independent Pipe and Supply Corp.

IP&S’ Vermont Branch Breaks New Ground with Lead Free* Products (read more)

Watts - Is Your Water Better than Bottled?

Pure Water by Watts. Water should be clean, clear and healthy. Yet, all too often, the water that makes its way to our doorsteps is laced with impurities, particulates and even carcinogens or other life-threatening contaminants. (read more)

Watts - Dual Outlet Roof Drain/Overflow

Watts RD-700 Dual Outlet Roof Drain/Overflow Primarily Meets Overflow in One Unique Drain Design. (read more)

Watts - Ready for the new Lead Free Drinking Water Act?

On January 4, 2014 the "Reduction of Lead in Drinking Water Act," more commonly known as the Lead Free law, goes into effect. The new national mandate requires that every pipe, fixture, and fitting used to convey water for potable use contain less than 0.25% of lead by weight. (read more)

Watts - Residential Fire Protection Product Line

Watts Residential Fire Protection Products are easy to install, flexible in design, UL 1821 listed, and meet National Fire Protection Association requirements. (read more)

Watts - Simple, Streamlined Water Filtration Systems

Selected with commercial engineers in mind, The new Pure Water Filtration line is comprised of a wide range of products that solve water filtration, purification and treatment issues for light commercial and institutional applications. (read more)

Watts - OneFlow® Anti-Scale Systems

OneFlow® provides scale control results backed by years of successful field applications. Make the intelligent choice in scale prevention, OneFlow® from Watts. (read more)

Watts - Dead Level Trench Drain System

Trench drains just got a whole lot easier. The uniquely engineered Dead Level™ system's frame anchored design ties rebar to the structural frame, not the channels, eliminating problems during the concrete pour. Its solid flanged channel, end cap and frame connections create proper joints and alignment. (read more)

Watts - Watts Quick-Connect Fittings and Valves

Watts 35 Series Quick-Connect fittings and valves are designed to allow for fast, easy, leak free connections for Copper, PEX, PB and CPVC piping without installation tools. 35 Series incorporate a patented collet and O-ring guide design that protects the O-ring during installation and keeps it from binding and crimping, even under extreme conditions. (read more)

Watts - Watts Expands Quick-Connect Fittings Product Line

The expansion of Watts quick-connect fittings now include the Watts 45 Series brass quick-connect fittings. These new fittings incorporate all of the features of Watts 35 Series plastic fittings in a heavy-duty brass body. Both Series fittings feature a unique design that allows for fast, easy, leak free connections to Copper, PEX, PB and CPVC piping. (read more)

Watts - Industry Standard Water Closet Carriers

Innovative compression seal design, eliminates leak problems commonly associated with traditional threaded O-ring seal carriers. (read more)

Watts - Watts Introduces LavSafe™ Thermostatic Faucets

Watts has released its new ASSE 1070 listed LavSafe™ thermostatic faucet series. The commercial and residential faucets feature an internal paraffin thermostat, which controls both temperature and pressure. With LavSafe™ there is no need to install a separate thermostatic valve under the sink because the tempering is done just inches from the user where it is most effective. (read more)

Watts - Watts Introduces OneFlow® Model OFTWH

Watts has introduced the OneFlow® Model OFTWH Anti-Scale System for tankless water heaters for use with all major tankless water heater brands. (read more)

Watts - Stainless Steel Corrugated Water Heater Connectors

Watts is pleased to introduce the new Series FFSS Stainless Steel Corrugated Water Heater Connectors. These connectors are much more flexible than their comparable copper corrugated products and provide an easy, kink free installation every time. (read more)