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Watts has promoted these products:

Watts - Smart Delivery Solution for Mixing Domestic Water

The IntelliStation is the smart delivery solution for mixing domestic water in a hot water recirculation loop. It is used in commercial and institutional facilities and can be integrated into a building automation system, or BAS. (read more)

Watts - Smarter Digital Water Mixing & Recirculation

The IntelliStation is the smart delivery solution for mixing domestic water in a hot water recirculation loop. It is used in commercial and institutional facilities and can be integrated into a building automation system, or BAS. (read more)

Watts - Primary Meets Overflow in One Unique Drain Design
  • Dual drain design reduces the number of roof penetrations per site
  • Fewer drains to install saves contractors time and money
  • Combination drain means contractor can carry smaller inventory
(read more)
Watts - Replace aging or inoperative backflow preventers

Watts' Backflow Preventer Retrofit-Spool solution provides an easy way to replace aging or inoperative backflow preventers. (read more)

Watts - 2-piece, full-port, forged,Lead Free ball valves

Introducing the new Series LFB6080G2 Lead Free Bronze Ball Valves. (read more)

Watts - Watts Backflow Preventer Retrofit-Spool Solution

Our Watts Backflow Preventer Retrofit-Spool solution is a quick and versatile approach to replacing an aging or inoperative backflow preventer efficiently and effectively. These spools are used if you need an additional fitting lay length in a piping application. (read more)

Watts - ADA-Compliant Stainless Steel Shower Channel Drain

The BLÜCHER BWC Waterline Shower Channel is a modular channel drain fully compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act. The shower channel's thin profile enables both in-slab and above-floor construction, with a single flashing point and floor penetration. (read more)

Watts - Dead Level™ Presloped Trench Drain System
  • Eliminates floating and pinching during concrete pour
  • Increased flexibility in uneven runs and tight spaces
  • Protective grate keeps trench free of debris
  • Maximum flow of drainage
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Watts - Watts ACV Flood Protection Valves

Watts Flood Protection ACVs guard against costly water damage in residential, commercial, and other settings. (read more)

Watts - Watts Announces Complete ACV Line

Watts Water Technologies announces its full line of Automatic Control Valves – complete with a wide range of cast iron ACVs and also its newest Stainless Steel Star line. (read more)

Watts - IntelliFlow™ Washing Machine Shutoff Valve

Watt has released its next generation Intelliflow A2CM1 automatic washing machine shutoff valve designed to meet the requirements of today’s washing machine technology. The latest model provides enhanced performance and a simplified product set-up procedure. (read more)

Watts - Dual Outlet Roof Drain/Overflow

Watts RD-700 Dual Outlet Roof Drain/Overflow Primarily Meets Overflow in One Unique Drain Design. (read more)

Watts - ChloraBlock Filter to Remove Chloramines

Watts has unveiled the Watts ChloraBlock Filter, a cartridge filter that provides four times the chloramine-reducing capacity of standard carbon blocks and twice the chlorine-reducing capacity of standard carbon blocks. (read more)

Watts - OneWatts Water - Your One Stop Shop

Watts is now known for much more than traditional rough plumbing products. Instead, we are truly a one-stop shop for all your plumbing, heating, and water quality solutions. We are "OneWatts Water". (read more)

Watts - Reliability meets serviceability with Watts!

Reliability meets serviceability with the Watts W100T and W110 Series Water Softeners. (read more)

Watts - Pure Water: Is Your Water Better Than Bottled?

Your water should be clean, clear and healthy. Yet, your water is probably laced with impurities, particulates, carcinogens, or other life-threatening contaminants. So how can your water be the highest quality as possible? Whether your location is large or small, Pure Water has one of the largest breadths of water quality products in the industry that will solve any of your water quality... (read more)

Watts - 2-Piece, Full Port, Lead Free* Bronze Ball Valves

The Watts Series LFB6080G2 2-piece, full-port, forged, Lead Free bronze ball valves are
designed for use in hospitals, schools, high-rise office buildings, food processing plants and other commercial and industrial applications. (read more)

Watts - OneFlow® Anti-Scale Systems

OneFlow® provides scale control results backed by years of successful field applications. Make the intelligent choice in scale prevention, OneFlow® from Watts. (read more)

Watts - Watts Expands Quick-Connect Fittings Product Line

The expansion of Watts quick-connect fittings now include the Watts 45 Series brass quick-connect fittings. These new fittings incorporate all of the features of Watts 35 Series plastic fittings in a heavy-duty brass body. Both Series fittings feature a unique design that allows for fast, easy, leak free connections to Copper, PEX, PB and CPVC piping. (read more)

Watts - Watts LavSafe™ Thermostatic Faucets

Watts LavSafe™ faucets are the only thermostatic mixing faucets listed to ASSE 1070 available in North America today. These commercial and residential faucets are available in two contemporary models: standard and gooseneck. (read more)

Watts - Watts OneFlow® Model OFTWH

The OneFlow® Model OFTWH Anti-Scale System for tankless water heaters is designed for use with all major tankless water heater brands. (read more)