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Watts has promoted these products:

Watts - Temperature Control for Heating Systems: tekmar

The tekmar WiFi Thermostat 561 provides precise temperature control of a one-stage heating system. (read more)

Watts - OneFlow: Advanced Scale Control Technology

OneFlow technology is designed to protect complete plumbing systems or individual components from the negative effects of water hardness or “hard” scale. (read more)

Watts - Drains Designed for the Food & Beverage Industry

BLÜCHER HygienicPro® line of stainless steel drains and channels are specifically designed to meet the stringent sanitation and efficiency demands of food processing and beverage production facilities. (read more)

Watts - Watts Specification Drainage Brochure

Our engineers draw on deep expertise and experience to design and manufacture specification drains to meet and exceed the most demanding applications and get the job done. (read more)

Watts - Ultraviolet Water Disinfection System

SmartStream™ UV Ultraviolet Water Disinfection System
With the use of ultraviolet lamp technology, SmartStream UV inactivates microorganisms like cysts, bacteria, viruses, and parasites in water sources to prevent serious illnesses, which could include death. This system is a highly effective method for disabling up to 99.9999% (6-log) of harmful organisms, requiring z... (read more)

Watts - Hot Water Tank Capacity Extender

LFMMV-HTK hot water tank capacity extender increases hot water capacity by as much as 133%, depending on storage and hot water flow. It maintains and limits mixed hot water to a desired, selectable temperature and allows the hot water tank to be set at a higher temperature to minimize the occurrence of Legionella and other water-borne bacteria. (read more)

Watts - For food processing and beverage production

Drawing on more than 50 years’ experience in the production of
stainless steel drainage systems, BLÜCHER designed the HygienicPro
line for the food processing and beverage production industries. It
• Point drains and linear drains with center or end outlet
• Channel lengths of 3 to 33 feet
• Channels connected to outlet bo... (read more)

Watts - Hygiene Matters

HygienicPro stainless steel drains and channels were designed specifically for use in the Food and Beverage industry, where hygiene is critical. (read more)

Watts - Smarter Digital Water Mixing & Recirculation

The IntelliStation provides safer, more efficient hot water delivery from the point-of-source to the point-of-use and can be integrated into a building automation system (BAS). By controlling water temperatures more precisely, it can also help reduce energy costs. (read more)

Watts - Watts Ball Valves: We've Got Our Eye on the Ball

We’ve got a full line of top-quality ball valves for your applications, with the selection and options you are looking for. (read more)

Watts - Save Time with the Dial Set Boiler Fill Valves

These valves from Watts allows a much faster fill rate than competitive devices – about 25 gallons per minute. That's more than twice as fast as comparable fill valves. As a result, contractors can spend less time filling boilers and avoid the nuisance of cleaning up when a boiler is over-pressurized (read more)

Watts - Ames: Colt Series Backflow Prevention Assemblies

The Colt Series backflow prevention assemblies from Ames Fire & Waterworks are a complete line of 2 ½"- through 10"-diameter double check, double check detector, reduced pressure zone, and reduced pressure zone detector assemblies. (read more)

Watts - How Intelligent Drains Promote Food Safety Webinar

A food contamination crisis is damaging brand reputations and costing companies millions in sales and litigation expenses. Learn how hygienically designed drainage systems, properly installed and maintained, can significantly mitigate the risk of bacterial contamination for food and beverage processing facilities with minimal production downtime. (read more)

Watts - Digital Mixing for Hot Water: On-Demand Webinar

This on-demand webinar looks at the risks of mismanaging hot water delivery and describes how mechanical and digital mixing solutions offer different approaches for mixing water in a complex plumbing system. The focus is on advancements digital water mixing technology provides, giving engineers and facility managers greater control and insight into their plumbing environment. (read more)

Watts - Drains Designed for Breweries

The BLÜCHER HygienicPro® drain system, featuring a unique design, cleans faster, significantly reduces wasted water, and drains cleaner – improving safety conditions on the brew house floor. (read more)

Watts - Shower Solutions Guide

Shower Solutions Guide

Focuses on Safe Water Delivery in Hotels and Resorts.

Powers, a Division of Watts Water Technologies has released a new 8-page safety solution guide that focuses on critical issues facing hotels and resorts regarding safe water delivery to guest rooms and public restrooms.

A recent audit of hotels revealed maximum hot water temper... (read more)

Watts - Powers Press Connections for Select Mixing Valves

Powers has a press connection option for select HydroGuard® mixing valves. With the press option, valves can be used in new construction, as well as in renovation projects as an alternative to a sweat/solder joint. (read more)

Watts - Easy Installation: Watts Dead Level Trench Drains

Watts Dead Level® Trench Drains incorporate a patented frame-anchored design that provides both structural stability and ease of installation. (read more)

Watts - Watts Radiant ThermalPro™ Boiler Stations

Watts Radiant next generation of ThermalPro boiler stations features superior insulation and expanded pump choices. (read more)

Watts - Press Connection Options for Watts Valves

As part of a continual effort to adapt to customer needs, we're offering a press connection option for many Watts water pressure reducing valves (WPRVs), hydronic valves, and mixing valves. (read more)

Watts - Press Connection Options for Powers Valves

As part of a continual effort to adapt to customer needs, I am pleased to announce that we are now offering a press connection option to LFLM490 and LFLM495 series of Powers mixing valves. (read more)

Watts - Easy Electric Floor Heating w/SunTouch HeatMatrix

SunTouch® HeatMatrix™ uncoupling membrane offers a flexible, easy-to-install solution for WarmWire underfloor electric radiant heating. (read more)

Watts - Ensure Residential Safety with Dormont SmartSense

Dormont® introduced the SmartSense™ Excess Flow Valve & Thermal Shutoff device for ensuring residential gas appliance connection safety.
Key features include:

  • Gas-limiting valve mechanism for providing additional protection against gas leaks
  • Internal thermal sensing ring that automatically shuts off gas flow at a defined temperature...
(read more)
Watts - Drains Designed for Food & Beverage Industry

BLÜCHER HygienicPro® stainless steel drains and channels were designed specifically for use in the Food and Beverage industry, where hygiene is critical. (read more)

Watts - Watts OneFlow® for Commercial Use

Watts offers its innovative OneFlow anti-scale system for commercial applications, available in cartridge and tank-style units for both hot and cold water lines. (read more)

Watts - Watts OneFlow® for Residential Use

Watts offers its innovative OneFlow anti-scale system for home applications, in 8-, 12- and 16-gallon-per-minute models. (read more)

Watts - Case Study: IntelliStation™ Digital Water Mixing

Marriott International selected the Powers IntelliStation as an approved digital mixing solution for tempered water delivery on their properties. Recently, the Marriott Hotel in Kansas City Airport installed an IntelliStation to manage hot water delivery throughout the facility. (read more)

Watts - Watts BD1156 & BD911 Dial Set Boiler Fill Valves

Our new bronze dial set boiler fill valves are offered as a stand-alone valve (BD1156) and a combination fill valve and backflow preventer (BD911). (read more)

Watts - Watts Parking Deck Drains

Watts is pleased to announce a new set of drains specially designed for the large parking deck design and construction market. (read more)

Watts - The IntelliStation™ Digital Water Mixing System

The Powers IntelliStation is the smart delivery solution for mixing domestic water in a hot water recirculation loop. This digital water mixing valve is used in commercial and institutional facilities and can be integrated into a building automation system, or BAS. (read more)

Watts - Watts Programmable Logic Controller: R48 Series RO

Watts has unveiled a new Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) for use with its existing line of R48 Series commercial Reverse Osmosis (RO) systems. (read more)

Watts - BLÜCHER Stainless Steel Drainage Systems

BLÜCHER produces drainage systems for all applications, from single-family bathrooms over large industrial facilities to luxurious cruise liners. (read more)

Watts - New Watts Water Capabilities Brochure

Our new Watts Water capabilities brochure gives you a broad overview of our portfolio and showcases our solutions in five key areas: Plumbing & Flow Control, Water Quality & Conditioning, Water Reuse & Drainage, HVAC, and Municipal Waterworks. (read more)

Watts - New Specification Drainage Videos

Videos on five of our top drainage products are now available on our Watts YouTube channel. (read more)

Watts - The Next Generation of UV Water Disinfection

SmartStream UV disinfects water using ultraviolet lamp technology. It inactivates a variety of microorganisms, including cysts, bacteria, viruses and parasites. Those organisms, if ingested, could lead to serious illness and even death. (read more)

Watts - Ames Fire & Waterworks Pressure Reducing Valve

Ames Fire & Waterworks announced a new grooved-end automatic control valve (ACV) for reducing water pressure in fire protection systems. (read more)

Watts - BLUCHER Suits Commercial and ADA Applications

The BLÜCHER stainless steel waterline channel drain is designed for use in commercial and ADA showers and washrooms. Installations include college dormitories, high rise condominiums, hospitals, nursing homes, locker rooms, and prisons. (read more)

Watts - Watts RD-700 Dual Outlet with Overflow Roof Drain

Watts RD-700 epoxy-coated cast iron dual outlet roof drain/overflow combination accomplishes primary and overflow drainage in a single roof penetration. Its unique design requires only half the total roof penetration competitive drains demand. With drain and overflow capability combined in one drain, the RD-700 dramatically streamlines installation, saving time and labor.

The RD-7... (read more)

Watts - Watts High Performance Sediment Reduction Media

Watts Micro Z media is designed to reduce sediment in automatic backwashing
filtration systems for better performance and easier maintenance. (read more)

Watts - Watts UV Water Disinfection System: SmartStream

Watts has set the new standard for UV water disinfection solutions with SmartStream UV. This new system provides advanced capabilities for residential and commercial applications. (read more)

Watts - The Watts Drainage Line

Our high-quality engineered drainage products provide everything you’ll need to be the hero on your team.

The Watts Drainage line is engineered to deliver superior performance and improved functionality. Our unique products provide everything you need to shine like a hero on your next project. (read more)

Watts - Watts Extensive Line of WPRVs

Watts continues to offer a broad selection of Water Pressure Reducing
Valves (WPRVs) in standard-capacity, high-capacity and OEM models for use in
residential, commercial and OEM and specialty applications. They come in a wide
range of sizes and with a variety of end fitting configurations for any
application. (read more)

Watts - Primary Meets Overflow in One Unique Drain Design
  • Dual drain design reduces the number of roof penetrations per site
  • Fewer drains to install saves contractors time and money
  • Combination drain means contractor can carry smaller inventory
(read more)
Watts - Ideal Roof Drains for Municipal & Commercial
  • Drainage that is able to be recycled and cleaned
  • Durable coating to withstand the elements and time
  • Flexible use in municipal and commercial buildings
(read more)
Watts - FEBCO MasterSeries® Backflow Prevention Assemblies

FEBCO’s MasterSeries backflow prevention assemblies provide lead free certification to NSF 61G standards, with redesigned check and relief valves delivering superior performance and reduced pressure loss.The recently redesigned product line utilizes investment-casted stainless steel internal components for extended valve life and reduced maintenance. (read more)

Watts - Dormont Blue Hose Foodservice Gas Connectors

Dormont’s packaging for its industry-leading, Blue Hose stainless steel gas connectors highlights connector features and product accessories that improve safety, efficiency, and convenience in foodservice kitchens. The Blue Hose connector meets code requirements for use with moveable equipment to facilitate cleaning and maintenance. (read more)

Watts - White Paper: Smart Digital Water Mixing

Watts Water has created a white paper for you to learn about the benefits of digital water-mixing technology in commercial and institutional facilities. (read more)

Watts - Digital Thermostatic Mixing Stations Course

This course, Smarter, Safer Hot Water: Digital Thermostatic Mixing Stations is hosted by Architectural Record's Continuing Education Center, sponsored by Powers, provides you with 1 CEU credit and valuable knowledge on hot water delivery systems! (read more)

Watts - Smart Delivery Solution for Mixing Domestic Water

The IntelliStation is the smart delivery solution for mixing domestic water in a hot water recirculation loop. It is used in commercial and institutional facilities and can be integrated into a building automation system, or BAS. (read more)

Watts - Series FD-320 Floor Drains: Open Throat Grates

Only available in Canada, the new open throat grate and funnel option has been added to the Watts FD-320 series floor drain. (read more)