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Wright Tool has promoted these products:

Wright Tool - NEW Fracking Tools from Wright Tool

Our newest fracking tools are safe and reliable, from the world's leader in heavy duty hand tools---Wright Tool. Fracking tools are used on blow-out preventers & flanges in pipeline construction and maintenance. (read more)

Wright Tool - Free Online Training - Wright Tool University

Wright Tool offers a free online training program, Wright Tool University, for employees, distributors, sales representatives and tool users where they can earn points that translate to money--going toward certificates you can redeem at (read more)

Wright Tool - World's Best Heavy Duty Tools for Oil & Gas...

Wright Tool makes the world's best heavy duty hand toolsm, fracking tools for the Oil and Gas industry, and they are proudly Made in the USA. (read more)

Wright Tool - Heavy Duty Rugged Storage - Try to Beat it Up!

From our 19" tool box to our large multi-drawer roller cabinets, Wright Tool provides a full array of rugged tool storage products. All tool chests, cabinets and boxes are constructed of quality steel. Go ahead - try to beat them up! (read more)

Wright Tool - 3-in-1 Scaffold Wrench For Tight Work Areas

One tool does it all! 3-in-1 Scaffolding Wrench. (read more)

Wright Tool - World's Best Impact Sockets from Wright Tool

Wright Tool makes the world's best impact sockets and attachments for almost every size and drive and we proudly make them in the USA. (read more)

Wright Tool - Lifetime Guarantee: Cougar Pro Hand Tools

Cougar Pro's line of competitively priced, professional-grade hand tools has expanded and now includes more sets--both SAE and metric--as well as more individual pieces for virtually any application and carry a lifetime guarantee! (read more)

Wright Tool - Comprehensive Hand Tool Safety Program

Wright Tool offers its Wright Safety Program, which promotes hand tool safety training for employees. The comprehensive program covers the do's and don'ts of using hand tools--specifically, wrenches, sockets, ratchets and attachments as well as torque tools. (read more)

Wright Tool - WrightGrip® in Metric Sizes: Open-End and Combo

Wright Tool Company offers WrightGrip®, a patented innovative, high-strength, anti-slip design on the manufacturer's open-end style wrenches. The design is available on Wright Tool open-end and combination wrenches in a range of metric sizes from 7 mm to 24mm.

Proudly Made in the USA. (read more)

Wright Tool - Expanded Size Offering: WrightGrip® Wrenches

WrightGrip® is the unique innovation featured on Wright Tool's open-end and combination wrenches that improves torque by better tool-to-fastener contact improving strength by up to 80%. (read more)

Wright Tool - World's Best Hand Tools for Power Gen, Utilities

Specialized, professional hand tools for the Utilities industry from Wright Tool. We can also ustom-design hand tools to meet end users' demanding needs that are common to the utility market. (read more)

Wright Tool - Electronic Torque Wrenches from Wright Tool

Wright Tool's line of electronic torque wrenches for measuring torque values on fastening applications provide detailed, accurate information. (read more)

Wright Tool - One Striking Wrench Adapter, Many Fasteners

Wright Striking Wrench Adapter (Product No. 1900) is a versatile adapter allowing the use of a single striking wrench on a variety of fasteners by simply "switching" drive impact sockets.

When used with an impact socket, it creates versatility for a wide range of applications. (read more)

Wright Tool - World's Best Hex Keys: L-Key, T-Handle, Fold

A wide assortment of new hex key sets are available from Wright Tool including 5-piece sets up to 18-piece sets. (read more)

Wright Tool - Anti-Slip WrightGrip® Design for Wrenches

Wright Tool offers WrightGrip®, a patented, high-strength, anti-slip design on the manufacturer's open-end style wrenches. The design is standard on all Wright Tool open-end and combination wrenches in sizes up to 1-1/4". (read more)

Wright Tool - Hammers, Punches, Chisels & Bars from Wright Tool

Wright Tool has a full range of striking tools for various applications. NUPLA™, MAYHEW™ and COUNCIL TOOL™. (read more)

Wright Tool - Torque Multipliers: 3 Innovative Styles ...

Wright Tool Company offers a complete line of innovative torque multipliers, which includes three styles: universal tube, plate reaction and foot reaction. These tools range in output capacity from 750 ft-lbs. to 8,000 ft-lbs. (read more)

Wright Tool - Micro-Adjustable Torque Wrenches: Wright Tool

Wright Tool Torque Wrenches Ensure Accurate Fastening

For secure and precise fastening applications Wright Tool offers micro-adjustable, click-type torque wrenches in 1/4", 3/8", 1/2", 3/4" and 1" drive sizes. (read more)

Wright Tool - WRIGHT Ratchet Line Increases Jobsite Efficiency

Wright Tool offers a complete line of professional-grade ratchets to help increase jobsite efficiency, available in 1/4", 3/8", 1/2", 3/4" and 1"drives. (read more)

Wright Tool - USA Made - Large 12-Pt. Combo Wrenches

Wright Tool Company offers the broadest range of large-sized, heavy-duty, flat stem, 12-point combo wrenches, ranging from 1-5/16" to 4", and 36 mm to 80 mm. All proudly Made in the USA! (read more)

Wright Tool - Custom Hand Tools for Unique Situations

Wright Tool offers custom tool building capabilities for customers that needs a specific hand tool that they can't find anywhere else and have a specific function that may not be in the marketplace. (read more)

Wright Tool - Striking Wrench Adapter: You Only Need One Tool!

1"m x 1"f Striking Wrench Adapter (product #1900) from Wright Tool. Save time, money and tool storage space by using only a single striking wrenches on a variety of fasteners. (read more)

Wright Tool - Heavy Duty Strike-Free Wrenches and levers

Wright Tool's strike-free wrenches are used on heavy-duty applications where striking-face box wrenches cannot be used and where cheater bars should not be used. (read more)

Wright Tool - Adjustable Wrench, Extra-Wide Jaw from Wright

Adjustable Wrenches from Wright Tool Offer Extra-Wide Jaw Openings, Without Added Weight and are proudly Made in the USA. (read more)