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XP Power

XP Power has promoted these products/services:

XP Power - Configurable Digitally Controlled Power Supplies

XP Power announced the nanofleX series of configurable digitally controlled AC-DC power supplies. This modular supply is constructed in a compact low profile 1U mechanical chassis format that suits today’s space constrained designs and can accommodate up to four single-slot plug-in customer selected output voltage modules. (read more)

XP Power -  XP POWER Acquires EMCO High Voltage Corporation

XP Power announced today that it has acquired the business and assets of EMCO High Voltage Corporation (“EMCO”), a designer and manufacturer of high voltage power modules, for a total cash consideration of US$12.0 million (£7.8 million). (read more)

XP Power - Encapsulated DC-DC Converters Offer DIN Rail Mount

XP Power today announced the DTE series of fully encapsulated single output DC-DC converters. The series comprises three ultra wide input voltage range models offering 20 (DTE20), 40 (DTE40) and 60 Watts (DTE60) output power. (read more)

XP Power - 3, 6 & 15 Watt medical DC/DC converters

XP Power today announced the JHL & JHM series of encapsulated, isolated and regulated DC-DC converters for medical applications. (read more)

XP Power - Miniature PCB Mount 5 W AC-DC power supply

XP Power today announced the EME05 series of ultra-compact, single output, 5 Watt AC-DC power supplies. (read more)

XP Power - Low profile IT and medical 90 Watt

XP Power today announced the AJM90 series of 90 Watt single output external AC-DC power supplies. (read more)

XP Power - Energy Efficient External AC-DC Power Supplies

XP Power has developed four external power supply series that enable products to meet new EU and US environmental and energy efficiency regulations, which come into force this year. (read more)

XP Power - The Essential Guide to Power Supplies

With over 5,000 products, XP Power is one of the world's leading developers and manufacturers of power supply solutions. To help you with your next project, we'd like to offer you a free eBook or paperback copy of our 'Essential Guide to Power Supplies'. (read more)

XP Power - XP Power launch world’s smallest 130W power supply

XP Power has announced the high efficiency ECP130 series of miniature open-frame AC-DC power supplies, with safety approvals for the ITE and medical equipment markets.
The units deliver the full 130 W output with only 10 CFM of forced air cooling and are also able to provide a high convection cooled rating of 100 W, eliminating the need for cooling fans. Seven single-output models... (read more)

XP Power - High efficiency slim DIN Rail power supplies

XP Power today announced the DSA series of three ultra slim DIN rail industrial AC-DC power supplies and the complementary DSA-DP20 ORing redundancy module. The highly efficient DSA series comprises the 150 Watt DSA150, the 240 Watt DSA240 and the 480 Watt DSA480. With a single output of either 24 or 48 VDC the range is aimed at industrial type applications, such as process control and b... (read more)