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Interface, Inc. - AZ - I've Got A Load Cell - Now What? Webinar Recording

Learn how to evaluate and install a load cell!

Interface's webinar recording from February 18, 2015, presented by Brian Peters, Regional Sales Manager & Elliot Speidell, Applications Engineer. (read more)

Interface, Inc. - AZ - World’s Largest Deadweight Machine Gets a Bath

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) is in the process of cleaning, restoring and recalibrating its 4.45-million Newton deadweight machine. Known to be the largest in the world, that’s equivalent to one million pounds-force. This is the first time in 50 years the NIST has dismantled the weight stack. (read more)

Interface, Inc. - AZ - Interface Announces Model 6AXX 6-Axis Load Cells

They are ideally suited to aerospace, automotive, robotic, medical, process, and other critical industrial areas; serving wind tunnel, dynamic balancing, robotic gripper systems, crash testing, orthopedic, biomechanical, and other demanding 6-Axis applications. (read more)

Interface, Inc. - AZ - Building the World’s Largest Digital Camera

Interface Load Cells Help Build World’s Largest Digital Camera On Thursday, January 29th, a small group from our Sales & Marketing team made the short drive down Interstate 10 to the Steward Observatory Mirror Lab and the College of Optical Sciences at the University of Arizona in Tucson. (read more)

Interface, Inc. - AZ - LBMU - First Load Button with Enhanced Accuracy

No Other Load Button In the World Can Meet or Beat This Accuracy!

- Capacities from 100 - 1K lbf
- Temperature Compensated
- Superior to Any Other Load Button
- Stainless Steel
- Enhanced Eccentric Load Rejection
- Low Power (read more)

Interface, Inc. - AZ - Performance Improvements - No Price Increase!

Interface continues to set the standard in force measurement with the new enhanced LowProfile ™ Load Cell. Over 2 years of extensive engineering development resulted in a 20% performance improvement in; linearity & hysteresis, creep, and thermal performance. This kind of unparalleled reliability is one reason why we guarantee that our load cells will out perform our competitors... (read more)

Interface, Inc. - AZ - New 9330 - Versatile, Portable & Fast Data Logger

This digital indicator can be used as a battery operated, hand-held data recorder, or
placed in the laboratory for stationary use with AC power. It is capable of taking
measurements up to 3750Hz with 24-bit resolution and recording to a removable SD
card at 1000Hz. Portability is certain with its 20 hour battery life and 300 hour standby
mode. (read more)

Interface, Inc. - AZ - HRDT Wireless Rotary Torque Sensor


Introducing: The Wireless Torque Transducer Featuring a no-contact rotary torque transducer kit complete with stand-alone programmable output module providing torque and speed outputs and PC software for optional, advanced setup.

  • Wireless Rotary Torque Transducer
  • Capacities from 250 to 10K Nm (443 to 88,500 lb-in)
(read more)
Interface, Inc. - AZ - 3-Axis Load Cell

The 3-axis load cell is built to minimize eccentric loading effects and crosstalk between channels. Interface's 3-axis load cell is ideally suited to many industrial and scientific applications, such as aerospace, robotics, automotive and medical research (orthopedics and bio-mechanical). (read more)

Interface, Inc. - AZ - 1216 Axial Torsion Cells

The 1216 Axial Torsion Cells are engineered to provide extremely accurate measurement of axial force while simultaneously measuring torque. The 1216 can measure axial force in tension or compression and either clockwise or counterclockwise torque. The 1216 includes Interface's unique compensation for extraneous loads. They are fatigue rated and designed for minimal crosstalk. (read more)

Interface, Inc. - AZ - Interface Model MBP Series Miniature Load Cell

The Interface MBP Series Miniature Load Cells are available with internal overload protection. The MBP Series load cells are engineered to provide extremely accurate measurement of tension or compression, and maintain a small overall size important for industrial automation, test machine and medical applications. (read more)

Interface, Inc. - AZ - Interface ULC Miniature Load Cell - OL Protected

Interface Model ULC Series Gram Cells provide high accuracy in capacities as low as 0.5N (50 grams). The unique, overload-protected design provides a safe axial overload to 10 times capacity and a safe side load to five times capacity. With low extraneous load sensitivity and low temperature effect on zero (0.002 percent/degree F)... (read more)

Interface, Inc. - AZ - T1 Torque Coupling Rotary Torque Transducer

The T1 integrates torque measurement into a double-flex flexible disk coupling. Ideal where space is at a premium, the T1's installed length is just slightly longer than a standard coupling. (read more)

Interface, Inc. - AZ - T8 ECO Rotary Torque Sensor

The T8 is ideal for applications where a basic torque measurement is required. Combining floating and foot-mount packaging, the T8's contactless, no slip-ring design features 0.25% combined error and high analog resolution. (read more)

Interface, Inc. - AZ - RT10E High Capacity Rotary Transformer

The RT10E's rugged design features 4X safe overload, 0.1% combined error, SAE sized keyed shafts and integrated speed measurement. Available in large capacities, the RT10E allows high accuracy measurements under high-overload conditions. Available with on-board signal conditioning to provide high-level ± 5V our ± 10V outputs. (read more)

Interface, Inc. - AZ - Gold Standard™ Load Cell Calibration System

The Gold Standard system is a complete PC based system for the calibration of load cells and torque transducers. Normally the system is used with a hydraulic load frame which can either be supplied by the user or by Interface. (read more)

Interface, Inc. - AZ - 500 In-Line Signal Conditioner

Every good load cell & torque transducer requires good instrumentation. This small, DC powered in-line signal conditioner with 9-pin connectors, +/-5V and 4-20mA outputs and 1000Hz bandwidth offers ultra-stable electronics. (read more)

Interface, Inc. - AZ - A4200 Weighcheck Load Cells

Why the Interface series A4200 Weighcheck Load Cells is the best in class:

  • Capacity ranges from 2.5 to 50Klbf
  • High output - 4 mV/V
  • Self-centering in all directions
  • High safe side load - to 400%
(read more)
Interface, Inc. - AZ - MRT2 Mini Overload Safe Reaction Torque Sensor

The MRT2P features 3X safe overload in 0.2 Nm and 2 Nm capacities. The flange design is easy to mount.

Capacities from 0.2 to 50 Nm (1.77 to 443 lbf-in). Overload protected to 3X capacity (0.2 and 2 Nm only). Proprietary Interface temperature compensated strain gages. Small size - 1.6 in DO X 1.25 in. Low deflection - high torsional stiffness. (read more)

Interface, Inc. - AZ - 1700 Flange Load Cell

Why the Interface series 1700 Flange Load Cell is the best in class:

  • Standard flange design mounts directly to cylinders
  • Proprietary Interface temperature compensated strain gages
  • Performance to .05%
  • Eccentric load compensated
(read more)
Interface, Inc. - AZ - LBS Miniature Compression Load Button

Why the Interface series LBS Miniature Compression Load Button is the best in class:

  • Temperature compensated
  • Integral Load button
  • Small diameter
  • From 0.12" height
(read more)