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item America, LLC

item America, LLC has promoted these products:

item America, LLC - T-Slot Nuts ST

Different types of T-Slot Nuts with threads and groove profiles for customised processing generate a counter-bearing for the screw in the groove. (read more)

item America, LLC - Automatic-Fastening Sets

A range of fasteners for right-angled profile connections with optimal application of clamping force and precisely positioned attachment of profiles to each other.The fastening elements vary in terms of the processing effort required and in the functions for retro-fitting or displacement of the fastening along the groove. (read more)

item America, LLC - Magnetic Catches

Universal, easily installed latches for doors and lids that do not need to meet security requirements. (read more)

item America, LLC - Panel Elements

This product group comprises panel elements of various materials.These panel elements are ideal for producing machine casings, guards, enclosures and housings as well as for constructing work benches. (read more)

item America, LLC - Line X

The profiles in Line X offer entirely closed surfaces, clean lines and completely regular side faces. The smallest possible edge radius results in an almost completely smooth, seamless connection between these cleanroom profiles – for the ultimate in functionality, precise contours and no protruding edges. (read more)

item America, LLC - Lean Case Study Available

item’s Lean Case Study is now available for download. This Lean Case Study explains the background on Lean Philosophy and the importance of incorporating quick-connect progressive assembly material handlers to streamline work processes and reduce costs. (read more)

item America, LLC - Work Bench System Receives AGR Seal of Approval

item’s Ergonomic Work Bench System Receives the AGR Seal of Approval (read more)

item America, LLC - TPS – the Stairway/Platform System from item

Whether one large platform, an all-round assembly platform or a simple maintenance platform, the Stairway/Platform System can be used to build working areas at any height. Because TPS is compatible with the item MB Building Kit System, users can make the most of the entire range of accessories, including enclosures and guards, doors, profiles, floor elements, etc. TPS makes stairways and... (read more)

item America, LLC - Modular Component Building Kit

The modular components that make up the MB Building Kit System are combined in many ways to construct machinery, jigs and complete production lines. The product groups in the catalog group together the various components under their key functions.

Basic Elements

The Basic Elements group in the item MB Building Kit System consists of aluminum profiles, fasteners and the corr... (read more)

item America, LLC - Line D30 Profiles

Maximum cost efficiency combined with the continuous improvement of manufacturing processes. The unique concept behind Fasteners D30 is that they allow plain Tubes, Profile Tubes and Profiles with standard grooves to be connected together using the same fastening elements. (read more)