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Micron Instruments - Wireless Sensors for Implanted Medical Monitoring

Micron Instruments’ SS-018 semiconductor strain gages are the smallest in the market, highly reliable, and available with very high impedance, making the SS-018 an obvious choice for passive wireless sensing – no wires or battery – and ideal for many implantable medical monitoring devices. (read more)

Micron Instruments - High Performance Digital Signal Conditioner

Micron Meters DSCUSB Strain Gauge to USB Converter is a compact, high performance strain gauge digital signal conditioner with USB connectivity aimed at applications which require high-accuracy measurement repeatability. (read more)

Micron Instruments - SGA-High Performance Strain Gauge Amplifier

Micron Meters SGA Strain Gauge Amplifier is a high performance signal conditioner for single or multiple strain gauge bridge sensors such as load, force, pressure and torque. The SGA offers a wide bandwidth and a wide input signal range. (read more)

Micron Instruments - Semiconductor Strain Gage Installation Service

Micron Instruments Professional Semiconductor Strain Gage Installation Service. There is nothing unique about our approach to offering our customers exceptional Strain Gages and Installation Services. We simply maintain that the best possible results are achieved by maintaining control over all the processes required to produce a superior product and to provide exceptional service. (read more)

Micron Instruments - DIN Rail Transmitters & Loop Splitters

Micron Meters DIN Rail Transmitter are available in several models.

  • »MT DIN Rail Transmitters, 4-20 mA & RS232/RS485 Serial Data Outputs
  • »MTE DIN Rail Transmitters, 4-20 mA & Ethernet Serial Data Outputs
  • »MQLS DIN Rail Quad Loop Splitter, 4-20 mA
(read more)
Micron Instruments - Management of illuminosity at museum exhibits

For management of illuminosity to prevent deterioration of exhibits in art museums and other exhibit forums (read more)

Micron Instruments - VACCINE MONITORING

The Micron Tinytag Talk 2 Medical data logger is a simple, cost-effective way of monitoring the temperature of pharmaceuticals in fridges, freezers and cool (ambient) storage.Used widely by hospital pharmacies, surgeries and health centres, the logger automatically records and stores a complete temperature history. (read more)

Micron Instruments - Micron Meters Portable Strain Gauge Display

Micron Meters PSD portable strain gauge indicator or load cell display combines extremely high resolution and low power with the convenience of a hand held display and keypad. The 7 digit LCD display has peak and valley hold facilities. Calibration modes are auto, mv/v table or digital gain and offset. TEDS enabled for automatic sensor calibration. RS (read more)

Micron Instruments - Measuring and Monitoring Torque

Micron Instruments offers several solutions for Measuring and Monitoring Torque using their Semiconductor Strain Gauges. (read more)

Micron Instruments - ICA Miniature Strain Gauge Signal Conditioner

The ICA range of miniature load cell signal conditioners offer a high performance strain gauge amplifier in miniature OEM format, designed specifically for fitting inside load cells, converting a standard load cell to a 0-10 volt or 4-20mA output. (read more)

Micron Instruments - Embedded Digital Strain Gauge Digitizer

Very high performance digital load cell conditioning / strain gauge signal converter supplied in a miniature format designed specifically to be incorporated directly into strain gauge sensors such as load cells, pressure transducers and torque sensors. The DCell offers high speed and high precision digitizing capabilities, along with linearization and temperature compensation. (read more)

Micron Instruments - ATEX Miniature Load Cell Amplifier

ATEX Intrinsically Safe
ICA5ATEX 4-20 mA 2 wire
The ATEX certified minature load cell amplifier, strain gauge signal conditioner offers a high performance in a miniature format, designed specifically for fitting inside load cells, converting a standard load cell to a mA output.
The ICA5ATEX has high stability and fast response for hazardous zones 0, 1 & 2 (read more)

Micron Instruments - ALA5- ATEX Approved 4-20mA Load Cell Amplifier

Micron Meters ALA5 is an ATEX approved strain gauge/load cell amplifier designed for operation within hazardous zones 0,1 & 2.The high performance amplifier provides 2-wire 4-20mA current loop output and connects in-line for a range of signal conditioning for strain gauges, load cells, pressure and torque transducers. Intrinsically safe to EN60079-11 (previously EN 5002... (read more)

Micron Instruments - Semiconductor Backed Half-Bridge Gages

Micron Instruments offers a wide range of semiconductor backed half and full bridge strain gages. Backed bridges are installed on a flexible high temperature insulator that can be bent around a one half inch radius without hurting the gage . (read more)

Micron Instruments - LVDT Signal Conditioner and Amplifier

The model LVDT or RVDT Amplifier / Signal Conditioner provides a convenient and flexible solution to the measurement of displacement or position (linear or angular) when using Linear Variable Differential Transformers or Rotary Variable Differential Transformers (LVDT's or RVDT's). (read more)

Micron Instruments - Backed Semiconductor Strain Gauges

Micron Instruments manufacturers a full line of Backed Half-Bridge and Full Bridge Semiconductor Strain Gauges (read more)

Micron Instruments - Bridge 101A Data Logger Kit

Micron Meters Bridge101A is one of our newest data loggers. It is part of a new series of low cost, state-of-the-art data logging devices. Micron Meters has taken the lead in offering the most advanced, low cost, battery powered data loggers in the world today. (read more)

Micron Instruments - Bridge 120 Data Logger Kit

The Bridge120 is a battery powered, miniature, stand alone bridge/strain data logger. The device features a 20Hz processing speed and a real-time clock module. The Bridge120 supplies a 2.5V excitation voltage and accepts voltage signals from strain gauges, load cells and other low-level, DC voltage sources. (read more)

Micron Instruments - EGMS Egg Temperature & Humidity Datalogging System

Micron Meters EGMS is specifically designed to measure and record the temperature and humidity of eggs during shipping, storage and incubation. (read more)

Micron Instruments - Tinytag Transit 2 Data Logger

The Tinytag Transit 2 is a lightweight data logger with a compact design, making it ideal for unobtrusive placement with consignments such as food, pharmaceuticals and other products in transit. It is BS EN 12830 compliant to meet the demands of the frozen and chilled foods storage and transportation industries. (read more)

Micron Instruments - Tinytag CO2 Data Loggers

Tinytag CO2 loggers can play a key role in helping to verify that indoor heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems are performing correctly: areas with poor ventilation can lead to a build-up in carbon dioxide levels which can cause reduced concentration in occupants and in some cases can lead to health problems. (read more)

Micron Instruments - Tinytag View 2 Data Loggers

For some applications it is necessary to have instant access to current readings as well as the ability to analyse recorded data over time. In these instances the Tinytag View 2 provides the solution with its integral digital display. Loggers in the range measure variables such as: temperature, relative humidity, current and voltage. (read more)

Micron Instruments - Miniature Wire at Micron Meters

Micron Meters unique Miniature Wire and Cable Surpasses the Highest Standards of Quality assurance testing by using Superior Materials and a Manufacturing Processes that is far above the industry standard. (read more)

Micron Instruments - Semiconductor Strain Gages

Semiconductor Strain Gages manufactured by Micron Instruments are micro machined from a solid single grown crystal of "P" doped Silicon. This results in a two terminal resistive device that has a minimum of molecular slippages or dislocations permitting repeatable use to high strain levels. (read more)

Micron Instruments - Micron Meters RFV2000A Wireless Voltage Logger

Micron Meters offers The RFVolt2000A is a wireless data logger designed to measure and record DC voltage signals. The data logger can connect directly to DC voltage sources which makes it ideal for battery usage studies, solar energy monitoring and other DC voltage monitoring applications. (read more)

Micron Instruments - Monitor and Record Shock

The Shock101 is a high speed, battery powered, stand alone, tri-axial shock data logger. The data logger continuously samples at 512Hz and at the user-specified reading interval, writes the peak acceleration (g force) to memory. (read more)

Micron Instruments - VTMS Vaccine Temperature Monitoring System

Our Vaccine Temperature Monitoring System (VTMS) is ideal for the continuous measurement and data logging of temperature sensitive vaccines or pharmaceuticals in refrigerators, freezers, and coolers. The system includes a NIST traceable RFTCTemp2000A data logger with thermocouple, Glycol bottle and a power supply. (read more)

Micron Instruments - Miniature Robotic Cable 32,34 & 36 AWG

Micron Meters Miniature polyurethan cable for dynamic applications: medical, measure, robotic, tool-machine, neurology, audio, sport competition... (read more)

Micron Instruments - Micron Meters RFCURRENT2000A Wireless Logger

Micron Meters RFCurrent2000A is a wireless data logger with LCD display, designed to measure and record DC current signals. (read more)

Micron Instruments - MINIATURE INSULATED WIRE |32|34|36| AWG

Micron Meters miniature-insulated wire is used in load cells, strain gauges microelectronics and micro-coils. Superior quality wire with excellent resistance to chemical, environmental conditions and flammability. (read more)

Micron Instruments - Load Shackle with on-board Telemetry

The TELSHACK-D range of Telemetry Shackles are manufactured using Crosby G2150 shackles. Versions are also available using the popular GreenPin™ range of shackles. The built in radio telemetry electronics operates on the 2.4GHz license free frequency. (read more)

Micron Instruments - RILL Radio Telemetry Wireless Link Load Cell

The Micron RILL series of wireless link load cells have been designed for lifting and weighing in rugged or harsh environments, being manufactured from high tensile aluminum to minimize weight (has steel bushes to provide added wear protection from shackles etc). (read more)