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RBC Bearings

RBC Bearings has promoted these products:

  • Single row, ball, torque tube type
  • PTFE seals
  • Exposed surfaces except bore and seals are cadmium plated
  • Prelubricated for life
  • This series is dimensionally interchangeable with the unsealed MB500 series
  • Also offered with CRES 440C material and/or zinc nickel plating per OEM specifications
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RBC Bearings - Metal- to-Metal Rod Ends

Metal- to-Metal Rod Ends

Four piece brass race insert construction for lubricity and control, plated for corrosion resistance

Two piece construction offers high strength for heavy static loads, Heim’s unique manufacturing process yields the industries best conformity between ball and race (read more)


RBC stud type airframe track rollers have been designed for specific use on track type or cam-controlled equipment when cantilever mounting is desired. (read more)

  • Double row, ball, light and heavy duty
  • PTFE seals and CRES sealcaps
  • Exposed surfaces except bore, caps and seals are cadmium plated
  • Prelubricated for life
  • For use where high moment rigidity is required, DPP-W series only
  • Also offered with CRES 440C material and/or zinc nickel plating per OEM specifications
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RBC Bearings - Maintenance Free Spherical Plain Bearing
  • No Costly Lubrication Systems
  • Reduced Operating Costs
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Ensures Lubricant is in the Load Zone
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RBC Bearings - Spherical Bearings for Bucket Hydraulic Cylinder

Spherical Plain Bearings for Bucket Hydraulic Cylinder and Arm Pivots (read more)

RBC Bearings - Self-lubricating Bearing Assemblies

Self-lubricating Bearing Assemblies for Torsion Bar Links and Anti-roll Bar Connection Rods (read more)

RBC Bearings - Horizontal & Vertical Stabilizers for Aerospace

Horizontal & Vertical

  • Actuators
  • Hinge/Pivots
  • Trim Tabs
  • Dampers
  • Links
  • Control Rods
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RBC Bearings - The Best in Class Coil Tube Injector Bearing

RBC's experience in the design and production of bearings for coil tube injectors is second to none. Our DTJ-75121-12 incorporates many improved features over competing designs. (read more)

RBC Bearings - 1600 Series™ Precision Ground Radial Bearings

Precision ground 1600 Series™ bearings are specially designed to provide a line of low cost yet high quality bearings for adaptation to a majority of precision bearing applications. They are made in easy to use inch dimensions and are recommended for medium loads and for maximum speeds in the range of 5000 rpm. (read more)

RBC Bearings - RBC now stocking Large Bore Thin Section Bearings

RBC, a domestic ISO 9001 and AS9100 certified bearing manufacturer is pleased to announce the addition of 30”, 35” and 40” bore bearings to their impressive thin section bearing lineup. These bearings are offered in three different raceway configurations: Radial , Gothic Arch four point contact, and Angular contact. The Large Bore offering is just one exciting new addit... (read more)

RBC Bearings - Lubron® AE Self-Lubricating Bearings

LUBRON® AE self-lubricating bearings are used in a variety of nuclear applications subject to medium-to-heavy loads and slow-to-medium speeds. LUBRON AE bearings are designed to minimize stresses resulting from differential thermal expansion and seismic activity, and have the capacity to resist high temperatures and exposure to irradiation. (read more)

RBC Bearings - Fiberglide® Self-Lubricating Bearings

RBC Bearings is the world leader in self-lubricating technology with our patented Fiberglide® and Fabroid® liner systems. We produce a broad line of standard inch and metric self-lubricating bearings in journal, thrust, and spherical configurations. (read more)

RBC Bearings - Lubron® TX Self-Lubricating Bearings

LUBRON® TX self-lubricating bearings combine high performance reinforcing polyester fibers with thermosetting resins and PTFE solid lubricants. Designed to provide low coefficient of friction for moderate to high loads, LUBRON TX bearings are completely maintenance-free and require no supplemental lubrication. (read more)

RBC Bearings - 440c Stainless Steel Thin Section RBC Bearings

RBC, a domestic ISO 9001 and AS9100 certified bearing manufacturer, is now stocking stainless steel thin section bearings in AA (3/16”), A (1/4”) and B (5/16”) cross sections. (read more)

RBC Bearings - HexLube® Universal Cam Followers

RBC Bearings' new HexLube® Universal cam followers are designed with a unique lubricating feature. The RBC HexLube™ Universal Cam Follower allows for relubrication through the hexagonal head of the cam follower, making relubrication in tight spots possible. (read more)

RBC Bearings - Lubron® TR Self-Lubricating Resin Slide Bearings

LUBRON® TR slide bearings offer a simple and economic solution for most moderate load bearing requirements. LUBRON TR slide bearings are self-lubricating and maintenance-free, and are designed to provide low coefficient of friction to accommodate thermal, mechanical and seismic movement. (read more)

RBC Bearings - Lubron® AQ Self-Lubricating Bearings

LUBRON® AQ self-lubricating bearings feature a proprietary PTFE-filled solid lubricant embedded in a cast bronze backing. Widely used in hydro pump-turbine wicket gate applications, LUBRON AQ30 bearings require no maintenance and provide superior perfomance thoughout long service life. (read more)

RBC Bearings - Lubron® SL Self-Lubricating Bearings

LUBRON® SL self-lubricating bearings are specifically designed to satisfy the demanding requirements of heavy duty industrial and structural applications. LUBRON SL bearings are available in a wide variety of bearing alloys, and employ solid lubricants compressed into trepanned or circular recesses for long-term lubrication. (read more)

RBC Bearings - Heim Rod Ends, Spherical & Unibal® Bearings

Rod Ends, Spherical Unibal® Bearings - Originator of the Heim Joint - an industry standard for over 70 years. Heim Bearings produces the industry's widest range of rod end types and sizes as well as Spherical Bearings, Unibal® Ball Bearings. (read more)

RBC Bearings - RBC Nice™ Ball Bearings & Specialty Ball Bearings

NICE™ Precision Ground Specialty Ball Bearings - Providing custom-engineered bearing solutions to industry for over 100 years. RBC offers a complete line of high-quality, low-cost precision ground and semi-ground NICE ball bearings. They are made in easy to use inch dimensions and are recommended for medium loads with speeds up to 5000 rpm. (read more)

RBC Bearings - Spherco® Spherical and Rod End Bearings

RBC offers a wide range of Spherco® rod end types and sizes including rod ends with brass race inserts in standard precision and high capacity designs; high strength two piece designs and self-lubricating rod ends with engineered thermoplastic races or Teflon® liners with a wide range of optional feat... (read more)

RBC Bearings - Thin Section Ball Bearings

Radial, Angular, and 4-point Contact - Thin Section Ball Bearings - Precision-engineered solutions for aerospace, semiconductor, and custom machinery applications. (read more)

RBC Bearings - Tyson Tapered Roller Bearings, RBC Thrust Bearings

Case hardened in a variety of sizes, used in Class 8 heavy truck and trailer wheel bearings, final drive transmissions and gear boxes. (read more)

RBC Bearings - Spherical Plain Bearings

Innovative product features that provide unique performance advantages. High load capacity, re-lubrication options, and patented designs. (read more)

RBC Bearings - Heavy Duty Needle Roller Bearings

High load capacity, long life caged roller bearings in standard configurations and custom designs. (read more)

RBC Bearings - The Patented Cylindrical Roller Cam Follower

RBC Roller® double row cylindrical roller cam followers represent the most effective cam follower technology available. They are superior to needle roller cam followers in every way - lubed for life, higher load capacity, higher speed rating, and longer service life. (read more)

RBC Bearings - Schaublin Collets and Toolholders

The catalogue "COLLETS" is meant for users of turning machines, but also for users of collets in

general. (read more)