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Rotronic Instrument Corp. - ROTRONIC- Humidity and temperature mapping

Rotronic Mapping - Incorrect temperature or humidity measurements can result in expensive damage to products. This must be avoided under all circumstances and steps taken immediately in the case of unintended changes in climatic conditions!

However, before an FDA-compliant system can be installed, it is first necessary to investigate where and how many measuring points should be s... (read more)

Rotronic Instrument Corp. - ROTRONIC RMS-GW-868 Gateway

The ROTRONIC Gateway is the interface between the wireless data logger and the server software. The Gateway can manage up to 60 data loggers simultaneously, collecting all wireless-logger measurement data, and passing them on to the server software. When several Gateways are used in the same network, they are configured redundantly. If one Gateway should fail, the measurement values are... (read more)

Rotronic Instrument Corp. - ROTRONIC TP31-IR - Infrared Thermometer - Contactless Temperature Measurement

With the TP31-IR, surface temperatures can be determined quickly and contactless. Thanks to an adjustable emission level and a double laser, which serves as a target device, the surfaces of a wide range of materials can be precisely measured.

The focal point of the device lens is 150 mm (TP31-IR121) or 762 mm (TP31-IR301) from the beam exit opening. There the m... (read more)

Rotronic Instrument Corp. - ROTRONIC TP31-S - Folding Thermometer - Fast And Reliable Core Temperature Measurements

Rotronic's new TP31-S indicates temperatures quickly and reliably from within fluids and penetrable materials (core temperatures). The simple operation ensures an efficient measurement.

The rugged immersion probe can be folded out to an angle of 180°, and thanks to its robust hinge, can penetrate semi-solid and viscous plastic materials under considerable force.

Thanks... (read more)

Rotronic Instrument Corp. - ROTRONIC AFP1Measuring Instrument

The Rotronic AFP1 multi-parameter measuring instrument is ideal for spot measurements in HVAC systems. Thanks to easy operation via a smartphone, it is possible not only to take random measurements, but also to record, export and display data as wanted.

Operation with “ROTRONIC” App
The AFP1 sensor is operated via Bluetooth communication with the ROTRONIC... (read more)

Rotronic Instrument Corp. - ROTRONIC HYGROPALM 21

The HP21 is a highly accurate handheld indicator that displays relative humidity, temperature and dew or frost point temperature. The HP21 is perfect for spot checking HVAC installations, manufacturing or storage areas and any ambient air measurement within the temperature range of -10 to 60°C (14 to 140 °F). The HP21 is designed to meet a wide range of user requirements from the... (read more)

Rotronic Instrument Corp. - ROTRONIC -CRP1 - Clean Room Panel

Rotronic's CRP1 Clean-room Panel is characterized by its compact construction and simple handling. Its HygroClip2-compatibility allows humidity to be registered to the highest degree of accuracy. The data can be transferred via analog outputs or MODBUS. Measured values, alarms and measurement curves are shown on the display.

The Clean Room Panel CR... (read more)

Rotronic Instrument Corp. - ROTRONIC RMS DATA LOGGER

The ROTRONIC RMS data logger is the flexible component between the probe and the database in the ROTRONIC Monitoring System. It stores 44,000 pairs of measured values from the exchangeable HygroClip probe, and transmits them to the RMS database via LAN or wireless link. It guarantees absolute data protection, even if power supply and communications should temporarily break down.

... (read more)


ROTRONIC has introduced high quality standards in production and storage to necessitate a comprehensive monitoring system that delivers measured data reliably. The adaptive RMS Rotronic Monitoring System is the perfect solution for a wide range of applications. (read more)

Rotronic Instrument Corp. - ROTRONIC HygroGen2 - HG2-XL

Since its launch the Rotronic HygroGen has defined the standard for portable humidity and temperature calibration systems. Hundreds of users worldwide have identified that this tool for the rapid generation of stable temperature and humidity conditions can save significant amounts of time in performing calibrations of all types of humidity instruments from all manufacturers. The HygroGen... (read more)

Rotronic Instrument Corp. - ROTRONIC - HUMIDITY CALCULATOR

Dew Point? Wet Bulb? Mixing ratio? Relative Humidity? Use this simple Humidity calculator to easily convert any humidity value to any other parameter. Download this free calculator and always have it on your PC’s desktop. (read more)

Rotronic Instrument Corp. - ROTRONIC AwTHERM Water Activity Meter

Stable temperature yields precise measurements.

Temperature-stabilized measurement
With AwTherm, ROTRONIC offers a professional, high-end laboratory unit for temperature-stabilized measurement of water activity in the foodstuffs, cosmetics, or pharmaceutical industries.
The wide control range permits measurements to be integrated directly in the tempered... (read more)

Rotronic Instrument Corp. - ROTRONIC CLEAN ROOM PANEL CRP5

ROTRONIC Clean Room Panel, is fitted with a diaphragm sensor for differential-pressure measurement, is a top-quality device. Validated according to GMP directives, and with its well thought-out design, the CRP5 is optimized for applications in laboratories and clean rooms. Optical buttons, and the magnet-mounted, removable HC2-CRP humidity and temperature probe permit efficient an... (read more)

Rotronic Instrument Corp. - ROTRONIC 2016 CATALOG

ROTRONIC’S new 2016 catalog is now available. You can choose from a comprehensive range of handheld instruments, transmitters, industrial probes, OEM products, CO2 and data loggers.

ROTRONIC measuring instruments operate in a wide range of applications:

  • pharmaceutical/foodstuff industries
  • ventilation/air-conditioning applications
  • climate...
(read more)
Rotronic Instrument Corp. - ROTRONIC -CF1 - Measurement Transmitter for CO2

The CF1 series is the latest development in reasonably-priced CO2 measurement transducers with integrated humidity and temperature measurement. The unit has the proven Hygromer® IN1 sensor, and an unrivalled price-performance ratio. Its elegant design fits in perfectly in offices, living-rooms, public buildings, etc. With the Rotronic SW21/HW4 software, altering the scalin... (read more)

Rotronic Instrument Corp. - Rotronic AF1 flow measurement transmitter

Rotronic's new AF1 flow measurement transmitter is high-precision and stable measurement transmitter for recording air velocity. With the flow parameter, Rotronic is adding another measurement parameter to its product portfolio true to the motto of offering customers an ever-increasing range of technologically outstanding measurement solutions.

The Rotronic AF1 is primarily... (read more)

Rotronic Instrument Corp. - ROTRONIC Process Pressure Transmitter BF220

ROTRONIC offers the new Process Pressure Transmitter BF220 Reliable measurement of process pressure

Pressure transmitters measure the pressure of neutral gases and nitrogen in piping and closed containers. The pressure of the medium being measured acts on a pressure cell, which converts the pressure into an electronic signal.

Field of Application
The pro... (read more)



The service department at ROTRONIC offers two different types of service:

Repair & Exchange Service
For repair, return, warranty and exchange needs.
Calibration Service
Accredited (NVLAP) and standard calibration services.

You can rely on a fast, high-quality and customer-orientated service fro... (read more)

Rotronic Instrument Corp. - ROTRONIC NEW LOW DEW POINT PROBE – HC2 - LDP


Low dew point probe. Reliable measurement of trace moisture

The low dew point probe comes with the latest AirChip4000 technology. Calculates a measurement from the average of 8,000 single points within a 2 second interval and, together with the HYGROMER® LDP-1 dew point sensor, delivers measurements of the highest quali... (read more)

Rotronic Instrument Corp. - ROTRONIC Cold Chain Logger

ROTRONIC - Cold Chain Logger

The TL-CC1 cold chain logger is an ideal choice for monitoring and recording the temperature of sensitive goods during transportation and at exchange points. The TL-CC1 is perfect for pharmaceuticals, food and technical products. The logger is designed for single use only

  • Freely configurable by user – without software i...
(read more)
Rotronic Instrument Corp. - ROTRONIC Portable Handheld Humidity Meter

ROTRONIC Portable Handheld Humidity Meter

The HP23 is a multi-function hand-held indicator that can read the data from two HygroClip 2 probes and display relative humidity, temperature and a variety of calculated parameters (dew point, frost point, etc.)

Probe selection is based on the application. Depending on the HygroClip 2 probe model, the measurement range is between 0... (read more)

Rotronic Instrument Corp. - ROTRONIC Humidity Generator - HygroGen2

ROTRONIC Humidity Generator - HygroGen2

Rotronic HygroGen HG2 humidity generator can be used for the calibration of up to five relative humidity probes simultaneously. The HG2 humidity generator typically requires less than 5 minutes to equilibrate from one humidity condition to another when temperature is kept constant.

  • Generates a stable reference envi...
(read more)

With the optional temperature probe, the device is suitable for a wide range of applications. ROTRONIC stands for unparalleled accuracy and long-term stability. The new differential pressure series meets these requirements with a long-term stability of <0.3 %/year and an accuracy of ±1.0 % of full scale.

Features • High-precision measurement and long-term st... (read more)

Rotronic Instrument Corp. - ROTRONIC E-BOOK 2 Interesting Humidity Stories

From the peak of Kilimanjaro to the ancient pyramids of Egypt and into deep space, humidity measurement and control matter. You’ll be amazed as you read these 17 stories from Rotronic about humidity measurement in places you’ve never thought about – even in your own mouth. A few samples:

  • Great Pyramid of Saqquara
  • Ancient tombs in the Swiss A...
(read more)
Rotronic Instrument Corp. - ROTRONIC DATA LOGGER HL-1D

Rotronic, manufacturer of precision measurement instruments has launched a new data logger which not only meets international standards, but also thanks to its versatility – is suitable for a wide range of applications. Rotronic has complemented its product portfolio with an inexpensive data logger that offers accuracy and reliability. Users who only need to record temperature shou... (read more)

Rotronic Instrument Corp. - ROTRONIC HUMIDITY THEORY eBOOK

New! Rotronic Humidity Academy Presents the Humidity Theory eBook.

Humidity is a tough measurement. The first step to a better measurement is to understand the parameter. This new eBook from Rotronic, ‘Humidity Theory’ is written for anyone who wants to make a better measurement of humidity. Better measurements guaranteed!

Topics covered in this 26 page ebook in... (read more)

Rotronic Instrument Corp. - ROTRONIC HF8 All-in-One Industrial Transmitter

The new HF8 humidity and temperature transmitters from Rotronic are ideal for fixed-installation applications requiring high precision measurements. Based on the new advanced AirChip3000 technology, the HygroFlex8 communicates with all HygroClip2 probe types which utilize Rotronic's time tested sensors and are used in thousands of applications worldwide.

Precision t... (read more)

Rotronic Instrument Corp. - ROTRONIC - PSYCHROMETRIC CHART

ROTRONIC - Understanding the Psychrometric Chart helps you understand humidity.

The first step to making a better measurement is to understand the parameter. Understand humidity better with your very own free psychrometric chart - Compliments Rotronic.

• Understand Humidity Better

• Solve your toughest Humidity problems

How to Read a Psychrometric Ch... (read more)

Rotronic Instrument Corp. - ROTRONIC HYGROMET4 Heated Meteorology Probe

The ROTRONIC HygroMet4 is suitable for use wherever high humidity prevails for short or long periods. In such environments condensation could occur on conventional probes, thereby delivering incorrect values. This is particularly the case in meteorology, in cheese cellars, tunnels and caves. Heating Function The HygroMet4 is equipped with an automatic sensor heater. It... (read more)


ROTRONIC’S new heavy duty HF5XX-S transmitter with Aluminum housing and the HC2-SM interchangeable probe with Chrome body are designed for industrial applications with harsh environments. This allows our customers who have high demands with mechanical stresses in their applications to have suitable products available from ROTRONIC.
The HF5XX-S is now available with... (read more)

Rotronic Instrument Corp. - ROTRONIC - CAL LABS - 8 CRITICAL QUESTIONS


Is Your Humidity Calibration Lab Competent?

Find out by asking these 8 critical straight forward questions.

Question 1 – Is the lab accredited to the ISO 17025 standard?

Accreditation to the ISO/IEC 17025 standard for competency and testing calibration is a really good place to start. In general, accreditation does not specifica... (read more)

Rotronic Instrument Corp. - ROTRONIC HYGROCLIP-EX Intrinsically Safe

The ROTRONIC HygroClip Ex probes provides combined measurement of humidity and temperature when used together with any HygroFlex transmitter it is designed for hazardous applications. The probes can also be factory configured for use without a transmitter. When configured in that manner, the probes measure either humidity or temperature and provide a 4-20 mA output signal equal to... (read more)


ROTRONIC'S New transmitter for Differential Pressure & Humidity/Temperature (PF4) Dual Parameter mesurement and monitoring Integrates to your monitoring system High precision and long term stability (read more)


Ventilation Systems

Humidity in ventilation systems

Ventilating is the process of changing or replacing air in any space to provide high indoor air quality. In order to maintain an office building within the comfort zone, or to maintain any application specific climate conditions, humidity plays a key role. Various modules can be added into air handli... (read more)

Rotronic Instrument Corp. - ROTRONIC CP11 AND ICE ARENA CO2 CONTROL

Ice Arenas in general

There are thousands of indoor ice rink arenas in the United States, Canada, and Europe. The CO2-value varies a lot in the stadium whether it is empty or at maximum capacity during a key match.

Some of the arenas have compromised air quality because of high concentration level of various pollutants. The concentration level within an i... (read more)

Rotronic Instrument Corp. - ROTRONIC CO2 DISPLAY

ROTRONIC'S new wall-mounted or bench-top CO2 display is the latest development of an inexpensive display unit that simultaneously measures and records CO2, humidity and temperature. Equipped with the fi eld-tested ROTRONIC HYGROMER® IN-1 humidity sensor, this instrument offers unbeatable value for money. (read more)

Rotronic Instrument Corp. - ROTRONIC HW4 Software-Monitoring-Alarming Report

ROTRONIC'S HW4 software offers a comprehensive, easy-to-use, monitoring solution for all critical humidity applications. HW4 meets regulatory requirements for (read more)

Rotronic Instrument Corp. - ROTRONIC CP11 - CO2 Multimeter

ROTRONIC'S new CP11 handheld instrument is the latest development of an inexpensive multimeter that simultaneously measures and records CO2, humidity and temperature. It also calculates the dew point and wet bulb temperature (read more)

Rotronic Instrument Corp. - ROTRONIC HFM53: Meteorological Transmitter

Meteorology: Numerical Weather Prediction The calculation of weather data What is the weather going to be like tomorrow? For a long time, people have tried to predict weather conditions using the hydrologic climate cycle. (read more)


The new ROTRONIC'S HygroClip HC2-S3 (AirChip3000) meteorological probes has an excellent reputation for providing precise results even in the most demanding of environments, especially where high humidity and low temperatures dominate (read more)

Rotronic Instrument Corp. - ROTRONIC HYGROFLEX 3

The ROTRONIC HygroFlex 3 is the newest product from ROTRONIC using the groundbreaking HygroClip2 with AirChip 3000 technology. The industry leading innovations include: (read more)

Rotronic Instrument Corp. - ROTRONIC HYGROLOG NT Data Logger

ROTRONIC'S new HygroLog HL-NT data logger with HygroClip2 sensors and the AirChip3000 is a powerful system when there are many different physical parameters to record. The logger also meets all requirements for FDA, CFR Part 11 and GAMP compliance. (read more)

Rotronic Instrument Corp. - ROTRONIC CL11 Indoor Air Quality Data Logger

ROTRONIC’S NEW CL11 data logger bench top display unit is the latest development of an inexpensive multimeter that simultaneously measures and records CO2, humidity and temperature. Equipped with the field-tested (read more)

Rotronic Instrument Corp. - ROTRONIC HYGROLAB C1 and Seed Storage

Seed storage with ROTRONIC products

Seed storage in general

Around 10,000 years ago, the first humans stopped hunting and gathering wild plants and instead started to cultivate on farms, preserving and storing seeds became important (read more)

Rotronic Instrument Corp. - ROTRONIC presents A NEW DEW POINT HYGROMETER

Rotronic Instrument Corporation New York has agreed to represent the RH Systems 473 dew point hygrometer throughout the Americas.

RH Systems is a world renowned developer of precision chilled mirror hygrometers th (read more)

Rotronic Instrument Corp. - ROTRONIC HYGROFLEX5 AND THE HC2SH

The new HC2SH is the latest development in probes for humidity, temperature and dew point from ROTRONIC. (read more)