Service announcements from Accurate Perforating & Metal Fabricating

Welding and Fabrication Services

Accurate Metal Fabricating has one of the more proficient welding departments in the Midwest. We are fully equipped with the latest welding equipment and incorporate multiples welding techniques to meet our customer's exact specifications. (read more)

Sheet Metal Fabrication Services

Accurate Perforating & Metal Fabricating today announced that its metal perforating and precision metal fabrication facilities in Chicago received certifications of conformity to ISO 9001:2008. Accurate is a leading metal perforator and precision sheet metal fabricator servicing diverse industries. (read more)

Accurate Metal Fabricating has been providing precision metal fabrication to OEM's and job shops for over 65 years. We engineer, perforate, and fabricate to the most precise specifications for the most demanding companies. Contact us today to discuss your requirements. (read more)

From simple components to complex assemblies, Accurate has the capabilities and equipment to make your product. Providing precision sheet metal fabrication for over 65 years we offer forming, punching, laser cutting, and welding as well as assembly, storage, and fulfillment. Contact us today to discuss your requirements. (read more)

Accurate Metal Fabricating's precision sheet metal fabrication capabilities really shine when it comes to forming and bending metal. We have nearly seventy years of experience and over two dozen press brakes and panel benders. (read more)

Accurate Metal Fabricating has been punching shapes into metal for nearly seven decades. We have dozens of perforating presses, numerous turret presses, and hundreds of tools to cover any metal punching requirement. We can punch material as thick as 1/2" and as thin as 28 gauge. We can process material up to 6' wide and sheets as long as 20' feet. (read more)

In addition to the broad capabilities of Accurate Metal Fabricating, the Accurate family of metal working companies also includes Accurate Perforating. For more than 65 years, Accurate Perforating has been providing a wide range of perforated materials and components for use in retail, agricultural, architectural, audio, electronic, HVAC and many other applications. (read more)

On top of CNC punching, forming and bending, Accurate Metal Fabricating can also provide precision CNC laser cutting. Our laser cutter's capabilities are wide ranging. It can handle many materials like carbon steel, aluminum, and stainless steel. It can handle sheets 5' wide and 10' long. (read more)

Accurate Metal Fabrication typically buys material cut-to-size in order to reduce cost and scrap. However, when the sheet does need to be altered, we have numerous shears with various capabilities to fit your products needs. (read more)

Our expertise doesn't end when the presses are done. Our finishing capabilities are unrivaled. From grinding and polishing to powder coating and anodizing to screen printing and custom graphics. (read more)

Many variables must be taken into account to successfully convert a customer's specifications and drawings into a finished part. Our full-time engineering department utilizes advanced technology and ensures design functionality when prototyping, processing and engineering your concepts. (read more)

Contract Manufacturing Services

Fabricated and finished sheet metal products. Laser cutting, perforating, robotic welding, precision forming. We offer assembly, packaging, storage and fulfillment of custom products. We specialize in OEM and POP applications. (read more)

Laser Cutting Services

On top of CNC punching, forming and bending, Accurate Metal Fabricating can also provide precision CNC laser cutting. Our new laser cutting machinery that is automated so it can run 24/7 without personnel, removes bottleneck in production. (read more)

Display and Point of Purchase Services (POP)

Accurate Metal Fabricating has worked with the Point Of Purchase (POP) industry since 1939. Since then, the world of displays has grown increasingly complex and intricate. Accurate Metal Fabricating is proud of how our dedication and capabilities have advanced the way displays are designed and utilized. (read more)

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