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Cutting Services

Custom Die Cutting of Polyester Masking Tape for the Electronics Industry (read more)

Advanced Technology Supply, Inc. performs a variety of rewind slitting services, including perforating, razor slitting, and surface winding. This highly effective method of cutting tape offers tight, (+/-) .005 of an inch precision tolerances and crisp adhesive edges, and allows us to cut the precise roll width and length measurements required by our client. (read more)

Die Cutting Services

Advanced Technology Supply, Inc. - Steel rule die cutting is one of the most cost-effective ways to die cut elastomers measuring up to 30 inches in length and width, and 0.5 to 5 millimeters in thickness. Our steel rule die cutting machinery meets standard tolerances of (+/-) .015 of an inch, but tolerances of (+/-) .010 of an inch or less can also be achieved. (read more)

Advanced Technology Supply - Successfully meeting the needs of multiple industries, including the military, our rotary die cutting services can be applied to a wide assortment of materials, including foil, fiber, plastic, and rubber. Our die cut products include air filters, conveyor belts, magnets, and rubber goods. Our ISO compliant rotary die cutting operations meet military specifica... (read more)

Waterjet and Abrasive Jet Cutting Services

Our two-axis water jet cutting machinery can accurately slice through thick, low durometer solid or sponge materials without the edge concavity usually associated with steel rule die cutting. We can even provide rapid initial prototypes, especially when supplied with electronic drawing files. (read more)

Silicone Molding Services

We specialize in LIM for silicone and fluorosilicone elastomers. Liquid silicone rubber is also a strong candidate for gaskets, seals, and cushioning pads in electronic portable and hand-held devices that need to function within challenging outdoor conditions. Silicone liquid injection molding offers fast cure cycles, and quick design capabilities for production cycles. (read more)

Aerospace Services

Custom Slitting & Rewinding of PTFE Tape Rolls for the Aircraft Repair and Overhaul Industry (read more)

Custom Rewinding of PTFE Tape Rolls for the Aircraft Industry (read more)

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