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Nondestructive Testing (NDT) Services

Alstom can deliver the technology to manage risks through the integration of Advanced NDE and Inspection Technology, Metallurgical Expertise and Mechanical Integrity Analysis. When managing advanced power plant equipment, it is crucial to have accurate information on the useful operating life of key components including pressure parts. (read more)

Inspection Services

Not all boiler inspections are the same! With Alstom you will be working with an OEM that has designed and supplied over 25% of the world's power generation equipment. Alstom prides itself as a provider of power plant products and services with the necessary resources to offer the solutions that help owners meet their operational and maintenance challenges. (read more)

Boiler and Pressure Vessel (BPV) Services

The Boiler Inspection Seminar Series of four courses progressively addresses the subject of boiler inspection from the fundamentals of inspecting thick wall (headers/drums) and thin wall (tubes) pressure parts as well as those sub-components closely associated with reliable operation. (read more)

AmStar 888® thermal spray cladding provides dependable and predictable waterwall protection in boilers where high temperature gaseous corrosion and/or erosion may occur. (read more)

Alstom recognizes that power producers are dealing with an aging fleet,changing workforce, and greater financial demands more than any othertime. Our customers are faced with the continuing transfer of knowledge and capturing their equipment's history.In response, Alstom has developed its Condition Assessment Pressure-Part Reliability Optimization (CA-P... (read more)

Rebuild/Repair Services

As a leading supplier of quality power plant equipment and replacement parts, Alstom offers one of the industry's most complete and cost effective rebuild services. (read more)

Alstom's Pulverizer Gearbox Rebuild Programs are an economical alternative to purchasing new equipment. These programs are available for a variety of gearbox and pulverizer types and brands. (read more)

The LIMELIGHT Boiler Data Advisor is a condition monitor that helps power plants reach higher levels of availability and predictive maintenance as well as better performance and safety. (read more)

ALSTOM applies its years of experience in the engineering and design of coal pulverizers in providing components and services for Babcock & Wilcox EL-type pulverizers, including rebuild services at our regional service centers. (read more)

ALSTOM applies its years of experience in the engineering and design of coal pulverizers in providing components and services for MPS89® pulverizers.

1. Roll Wheel Rebuilds

2. Bracket and Hub Repairs

3. Yoke and Seal Repairs

4. Ring Seat Repairs

5. Gearbox Overhauls (read more)

Alstom supplies rebuilt
roll wheel assemblies,
replacement and upgraded
components and maintenance
programs to meet your
operational requirements. (read more)

Alstom has one of the most extensive HRSG product and parts portfolio in the industry and looks forward to the opportunity to develop component replacement and maintenance strategies to meet your operational and economic goals. (read more)

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