Service announcements from Arkalon Chemical Technologies, LLC

Research and Development Services

ACT offers specialty market research services aimed at assessing fundamental demand, market drivers, competitive forces and regulatory influences that shape the environment for innovation in advanced industrial markets. (read more)

Chemical Manufacturing and Synthesis Services

ACT offers products for chemical synthesis and related technologies, including, Trimesoyl chloride, Multi-functional monomers, Micronized metals, Polyphosphazanes, Synthetic glycerine, Pyridinium tribromide, and more... (read more)

In addition to its internal facilities in Connecticut, ACT maintains relationships with several small scale specialty synthesis groups and academic laboratories. These facilities have typical equipment for custom synthesis and product characterization at the laboratory scale. (read more)

Materials Processing Services

This Arkalon Newsletter focuses on chemical purification. Topics discussed are strategies typically used to provide high chemical purity, methods normally used to demonstrate the purity obtained, and packaging concerns to protect the purity of the product and allow safe transportation. (read more)