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Cable Assembly Services

Nothing can make a customer feel better than knowing they are receiving assistance from a team of design experts.? Often that expertise has been developed through a focused effort and significant amount of time spent working in a particular area of cable design for a given industry. (read more)

It isn’t as difficult and trying to combine oil and water, but some might argue that. Combining copper and fiber components in rugged constructions fit for use in industrial, military, or telecom type applications requires both engineering and manufacturing expertise. (read more)

That can’t be right, can it? A cable jacket that is applied with such a degree of adhesion that the strip force required to remove it is far above anything that would be considered standard for a cable assembly? (read more)

Whether you are facing cable challenges on an automated manufacturing floor, the emergency room of a busy hospital, or the command center of a Virginia class submarine, C&M is a manufacturer who can supply reliable solutions to your most difficult cable or interconnect problems. Our market experience includes but is not limited to: (read more)

Much like a good major league pitcher, a customer, too, can occasionally throw you an outstanding curve ball. Such was the case when a key client contacted C&M the day before a critical shipment was due to inform us they had just learned from their customer that the wood used on the flanges of the cable reels could not be shipped into the destination country (read more)

For those more familiar with the Fahrenheit scale that equates to -76°F…or just a few degrees warmer than the coldest temperature ever recorded in North America. (Which was a balmy -87°F (-66°C) recorded in Greenland in 1954.) (read more)

These terms are often interchanged when discussing the characteristics of cable products. However, they are very different terms with significantly different meanings. (read more)