Service announcements from C&M Corporation

Cable Assembly Services

Thermal inertia. Not something always at the forefront of the thinking for many cable designers. However, depending on the conductor count, conductor size, and the wire(s)’ current carrying capacity versus the current the wire(s) will actually carry, thermal inertia – or the ability of materials to conduct and store heat – can be a very real issue. (read more)

Overweight cable assemblies? While we can’t say we have ever heard any assembly described in those terms, we can also say we have never been asked by an assembly customer to ‘make it heavier’. Minimize the weight? Yes. Make it tamper proof? Definitely. (read more)

You have specified the cable, the connectors, and even the tubing. You have identified the lengths you need and even worked with the cable manufacturer and cable assembler to maximize the performance of your finished cable assembly components. (read more)

Overmolded cable assemblies from C&M provide ruggedized solutions for those applications that carry a high cost of failure and require “can’t fail” dependability. (read more)

Probably not….if you are dealing with a traditional cable assembly provider who specializes in marrying a cable to connectors. But not all cable assemblies are that basic. Some require specially designed plastic components as part of the final assembly product. Who will design the part? (read more)