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Cable Assembly Services

It’s a familiar story that can have a very unhappy financial ending (read more)

From automation and control systems to robots and production equipment, C&M’s industrial cable products deliver reliable performance in demanding environments. Our record of providing ‘can’t fail’ wire and cable, coil cords, and cable assemblies have made us a vendor of choice for industrial OEMs throughout the world. Call us today! (read more)

As one might expect, the valuation described in the title is a bit overstated. But let’s look at some real numbers around this product scenario as it relates to the cable only: 6 feet of cable per assembly at $1.65 per foot x 50,000 assemblies…that totals just short of one half million dollars of cable value! (read more)

No doubt that experience is a good teacher. By the same token, it can also limit creativity. However, when you are willing to challenge ‘experience’ with new ideas and concepts, you can create solutions and products that can be best described as very good ideas (read more)

At the end of the day, if you are in business then you are in the customer service business. That translates into doing your best to give your customers what they want…and sometimes that can mean the administration of a significant number of SKUs. (read more)