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Cable Assembly Services

If it’s your flight that is about to leave, then the answer should most definitely be ‘yes’! Things can get a bit more cloudy for users who require design assistance on the development of smart cables – cable assemblies that contain active components – or small box builds that include cable products. (read more)

Whether you are facing cable challenges on an automated manufacturing floor, the emergency room of a busy hospital, or the command center of a Virginia class submarine, C&M is a manufacturer who can supply reliable solutions to your most difficult cable or interconnect problems. Our market experience includes but is not limited to: (read more)

After 50 years as a leader in the wire and cable marketplace, C&M Corporation is moving from our original Wauregan location to a new state of the art facility in nearby Dayville, CT. (read more)

A ridiculously easy question to answer! You just bought a manufacturing lot of custom cable, right? Or did you buy a solution to the problem of maintaining your power and electrical signals for a sustainable time through the many flex cycles your robotic manufacturing unit create during operation? (read more)

For those military users seeking tamper proof, environmentally sealed, ruggedized interconnects which also include functional strain reliefs, a molded solution is always favored over an equivalent mechanical option. What is not often preferred, however, is the tooling costs that can accompany molded interconnects. (read more)