Service announcements from C&M Corporation

Cable Assembly Services

Missing Your ‘Easy’ Button? There is an old adage along the lines of “Anything looks easy when you know how to do it.” But what happens when you don’t? When you are missing a piece of information or a formula that will make the difference between no solution and the right answer? (read more)

Yes, they certainly are! In a world where the average length of the tangents for a coil cord is 12 inches, to find a coil cord product with tangents measuring 16 feet and 96 feet is unusual to say the least. Why then would such a product be necessary? (read more)

An interesting question. Especially when such a team is comprised of people with a wide breadth of industry related knowledge and experience. C&M’s technical services group contains a highly skilled group of design engineers – or elucidators – available to create innovative solutions for your wire and cable challenges. (read more)

C&M has expanded its Industrial Product offering to include continuous flex Servo, Data and MTW constructions. These ruggedized cables are designed for maximum flex life and provide reliable performance in “can’t fail’ applications. (read more)

In the world of new cable designs, the rules of probability are no different. From the perspective of passing flammability requirements, some new cable constructions using common components carry a high probability of success than others which use newer..... (read more)

MotionFlex™ Data cables combine continuous flex performance and a CL2 rating for use in factory automation, CNC, robot and motion control applications. Jacketed in ruggedized PVC, these data cables are rated to 105°C and 300V. (read more)