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Cable Assembly Services

That really depends on how you look at it. For some cable applications, a convoluted appearance is not a real issue. If the cable meets the physical and electrical requirements of the specification, any positive aesthetic characteristics are a bonus. (read more)

With heart related conditions being the largest health threat, medical science continues to focus on this significant area of concern. One breakthrough that continues to save lives that just a few years ago would have been lost are AED units. (read more)

Few things gather an organization’s immediate attention more than a request from the Armed Forces during a time of conflict. C&M received such a request from a supplier to the United States Army concerning a high flex cable they required for a new vehicle they were scheduled to begin supplying for use in the Middle East. (read more)

Metrology is defined as the science of measurement. Unlike many of the measurements we take in the course of our daily lives, in the manufacturing world measurements can be expressed in microns. (That’s roughly 0.000039 of an inch!) (read more)

When considering the reasons behind overdesigning a coil cord, some feel somehow like insurance. Although you will hopefully never need it, you pay the premiums each year just in case you might. (read more)

At midnight, 250 nautical miles from the coast of the United States, a $2 billion dollar Virginia Class submarine, surfaces under the cover of darkness to replenish its air supply. The captain emerges from the boat and takes a station on the bridge, where he attaches his portable command console to the ship’s computer system. (read more)