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When it happens to an individual, it may or may not be a reason to celebrate. When it happens to an organization, it always is. This year C&M Corporation marked its 50th year in business. (read more)

Sometimes it can get confusing. What is the correct solution? Rolling Flex? Torsional? Tick Tock? Variable? More importantly, what will the cost of failure be if your selection is incorrect? For years C&M Corporation has been the supplier of choice for cable users who require long flex life products regardless of the application. (read more)

Is there anything more important than those products whose reliability plays a key role in life and death situations? C&M was approached by a manufacturer supplying coil cord interconnects to the military for MRAP vehicles used in the Middle East and Afghanistan. (read more)

Like any other product, all wires and cables have a set of performance criteria. Some, like a basic hook up wire, are very simple while others, like an Ethernet cable, can be much more complex. (read more)

Whether your need is for Flexible, Continuous Flex, Servo, MTW, TC-ER, PUR jacketed, or something totally custom for your unique application, C&M Corporation offers a wide array of tray cable options to meet every need. (read more)

At midnight, 250 nautical miles from the coast of the United States, a $2 billion dollar Virginia Class submarine, surfaces under the cover of darkness to replenish its air supply. The captain emerges from the boat and takes a station on the bridge, where he attaches his portable command console to the ship’s computer system. (read more)