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Cable Assembly Services

While some products lend themselves to easy sampling, custom wire and cable, to include cable assemblies, do not. Generally it is not possible to order a single custom assembly or a few feet of custom cable at no cost. (read more)

When it comes to wire and cable products, the daily grind can be an expensive proposition. Jacket materials ill suited for rugged applications will suffer the effects of abrasion, leading to cable failure and potentially worse. Experts in cable design and manufacturing, to include material selection and processing, (read more)

But, please, don’t take our word for it. When American servicemen and women were placed in harm’s way, the manufacturer of a sophisticated life saving sniper detection system turned to C&M Corporation for the sophisticated cable assemblies required to ensure reliable performance. (read more)

At the end of the day, no one really ever buys a product...they buy a solution in the form of a product. Be it the consumer or industrial space, for many standard problems there are standard solutions that are readily available. (read more)

Few things gather an organization’s immediate attention more than a request from the Armed Forces during a time of conflict. C&M received such a request from a supplier to the United States Army concerning a high flex cable they required for a new vehicle they were scheduled to begin supplying for use in the Middle East. (read more)