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Cable Assembly Services

The truth about the cables used to power sensors is simply this: While some sensors work very well with standard cable architectures like Devicenet, Ethernet, or Profibus, for example, others require a more specific cable construction. (read more)

Overweight cable assemblies? While we can’t say we have ever heard any assembly described in those terms, we can also say we have never been asked by an assembly customer to ‘make it heavier’. Minimize the weight? Yes. Make it tamper proof? Definitely (read more)

Who would knowingly throw money down the proverbial “drain”? No one, right? Yet it happens every day and for a wide assortment of reasons. Those reasons may include the use of products that, maybe, weren’t as reliable as they should have been. (read more)

At the end of the day, if you are in business then you are in the customer service business. That translates into doing your best to give your customers what they want…and sometimes that can mean the administration of a significant number of SKUs. (read more)

C&M's Profibus products deliver reliable performance in the most demanding applications. Agency certified and sunlight resistant, they provide long service life and reliable operation even in the harshest environmentsDP and PA versionsStranded ConductorsDual ShieldedAgency CertifiedC&M Profibus cables offer maximum flexibility for ease of routing and installation. (read more)