Service announcements from C&M Corporation

Cable Assembly Services

Not a corporate management type issue, but rather a cable management issue. Excess cable in an assembly can present various problems ranging from storage issues in confined spaces – too much cable, not enough space (read more)

C&M's MMIP Platform provides a superior assembly option for the most popular Mil-round connectors. Available in straight, right angle, of 45o configurations. MMIP assemblies are environmentally sealed and tamper-proof. Functional strain reliefs significantly improve product life. Custom constructions are available using multiple shield and material options. (read more)

Overweight cable assemblies? While we can’t say we have ever heard any assembly described in those terms, we can also say we have never been asked by an assembly customer to ‘make it heavier’. Minimize the weight? Yes. Make it tamper proof? (read more)

The truth about the cables used to power sensors is simply this: While some sensors work very well with standard cable architectures like Devicenet, Ethernet, or Profibus, for example, others require a more specific cable construction. (read more)

Who would knowingly throw money down the proverbial “drain”? No one, right? Yet it happens every day and for a wide assortment of reasons. Those reasons may include the use of products that, maybe, weren’t as reliable as they should have been. (read more)