Service announcements from C&M Corporation

Cable Assembly Services

From automation and control systems to robots and production equipment, C&M’s industrial cable products deliver reliable performance in demanding environments. Our record of providing ‘can’t fail’ wire and cable, coil cords, and cable assemblies have made us a vendor of choice for industrial OEMs throughout the world. Call us today! (read more)

It is always nice to have choices even when it comes to cable products. The real key to success, however, is making the right choice. What exactly are the constructional differences for a C-Track cable as opposed to a torsional cable as opposed to a cable that is flexible for routing? (read more)

C&M Corporation, a leader in the design and manufacturing of coil cords, has announced the availability of a new white paper entitled “Coil Cord Innovations”. (read more)

That has a great deal to do with your application. While no one would want a coil cord to be manufactured with so much ‘spring’ that it can pull a tethered device out of their grasp, they might also not one with such little retractability that it takes several minutes to return to its original state. (read more)

For those military users seeking tamper proof, environmentally sealed, ruggedized interconnects which also include functional strain reliefs, a molded solution is always favored over an equivalent mechanical option. What is not often preferred, however, is the tooling costs that can accompany molded interconnects (read more)