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Cable Assembly Services

Unfortunately, those keys won’t start a new vehicle, but what they will do is assist you in designing the right flex cable for the right application. C-Track, tick-tock, torsional and random flex all have differing design requirements. (read more)

Overweight cable assemblies? While we can’t say we have ever heard any assembly described in those terms, we can also say we have never been asked by an assembly customer to ‘make it heavier’. Minimize the weight? (read more)

A difficult application….a unique concept…pages of robust documentation…and an efficient prototype manufacturing strategy. Sounds like everything is in place to create a viable solution…until the cost calculations begin and it is discovered that a couple of key custom components carry high minimums and long lead times (read more)

While some products lend themselves to easy sampling, custom wire and cable, to include cable assemblies, do not. Generally it is not possible to order a single custom assembly or a few feet of custom cable at no cost. (read more)

Like most everything else, there is an order to things in the world of wire and cable. Sometimes, however, in order to solve a customer issue, standard thinking needs to be turned inside out. Such was the case when C&M was approached by a client who specialized in hand held devices. (read more)

But, please, don’t take our word for it. When American servicemen and women were placed in harm’s way, the manufacturer of a sophisticated life saving sniper detection system turned to C&M Corporation for the sophisticated cable assemblies required to ensure reliable performance. (read more)

These terms are often interchanged when discussing the characteristics of cable products. However, they are very different terms with significantly different meanings. (read more)