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Automated Assembly Equipment

Clear Automation has designed and built many workcells to assemble printed circuit boards. We've inserted oddform through-hole components. We've attached heatsinks and EMI shields. We've dispensed thermal grease. We've attached surface mount components to ceramic substrates. We've singulated PCB's from panels. If you build circuit boards and other electronic assemblies, we can help. (read more)

Clear Automation designed and built this automated cell to manufacture a very small and precise medical device. It manufactures 45 parts per minute, 24 hours per day. (read more)

Automation Equipment and System Integrators

This solution features an Adept Cobra™ robot, two Adept FlexFeeders and vision guidance. (read more)

At Clear Automation, our relationship doesn't end with an installation. If you have a machine problem (even if we didn't sell you the machine), Your Choice For Service Is Clear. (read more)

Clear Automation designed and built this robotic system to build stacks of "CowPots - The Pot You Plant". (read more)

Material Handling Automation

Clear Automation designed and built this system to place caps on fragrance bottles. Trays of caps are loaded in an elevator and bottles arrive in pucks on a FlexLink conveyor. (read more)

Clear Automation designed and built two robotic systems to process filled syringes. The first system removes syringes from a feed screw at the end of the assembly and fill line. After additional processing, the second system transfers the syringes to a packaging system. (read more)

This cell uses a FANUC R-2000 iB robot to process an industrial material. (read more)