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Automated Assembly Equipment

Clear Automation has designed and built many workcells to assemble printed circuit boards. We've inserted oddform through-hole components. We've attached heatsinks and EMI shields. We've dispensed thermal grease. We've attached surface mount components to ceramic substrates. We've singulated PCB's from panels. If you build circuit boards and other electronic assemblies, we can help. (read more)

Some of our customers want a machine that does one thing. All day. Every day. We've built a lot of single-purpose equipment. Whether fixed or flexible, our design guidelines are consistent. It has to be reliable and robust with high OEE, high MTBF and low MTTR. It's got to be easy to use, well-documented and easy to maintain. And it's backed up by Clear Automation's professional service... (read more)

We work with a number of machine vision companies to choose the right system of processors, cameras, lenses and lights for your inspection tasks. We have a small vision lab where we can develop concepts during the early stages of a project, often before we write our final proposal. Our suppliers have labs and vision professionals too and we work with them to make sure that we get it right. (read more)

After we help our customers to assemble their product, we also install equipment at the end of their process to package it. If your product is sold in a blister on a card, we can load the form-fill-seal machine. If your product is in a box, we can put it there. If your box goes into a carton, we can put it there. And if your carton goes into a case and your case is stacked on a pallet, w... (read more)

We've built machinery to assemble many products, made of various plastics and metals. We've fastened them with screws, joined them ultrasonically with welds, adhered them with glue and snapped them together. We've monitored forces and torques during the process and we've inspected them afterward. We've even assembled demolition blasting caps. If you've got a difficult assembly task, or a... (read more)

Industrial Processing Solutions

Quite often the justification for automation is to remove people from dangerous or difficult conditions. Clear Automation installed a solution for a customer process in which large steel containers are filled with ceramic pellets and a hazardous liquid. The containers are moved through some process stations before being emptied into a dryer. A perso... (read more)

Electronics Solutions

One of our customers has come to us several times for our help in assembling their consumer and commercial electronics products. We've supplied them with robotic cells, vision inspection stations, fixed automation, lean manual cells and conveyor systems. We've inserted odd-form components into circuit boards, dispensed thermal grease, driven screws and nuts... (read more)

Clear Automation designed and built this automated cell to manufacture a very small and precise medical device. It manufactures 45 parts per minute, 24 hours per day. (read more)

We've dispensed sealant around the edges of aluminum castings. We've installed tire pressure sensors onto wheel rims. We've assembled components of high-end audio systems. While the products we impact are varied, the approach we take to customer relationships and to design methodology is consistent - we treat you like our only customer and we treat your project like it is the most import... (read more)

Automation Equipment and System Integrators

Clear Automation designed and built this robotic system to build stacks of "CowPots - The Pot You Plant". (read more)

This solution features an Adept Cobra™ robot, two Adept FlexFeeders and vision guidance. (read more)

Material Handling Automation

Clear Automation designed and built two robotic systems to process filled syringes. The first system removes syringes from a feed screw at the end of the assembly and fill line. After additional processing, the second system transfers the syringes to a packaging system. (read more)