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Plastic Molding Services

Compression molding utilizes a pre-staged charge of material that is created by manually or automatically cutting, stacking, arranging and weighing the individual SMC or TMC pieces. This charge is either manually or automatically loaded into the open mold. Once the charge is placed, the mold is closed with a fast closing speed followed by a controlled final closure speed once the thermos... (read more)

Working with virtually every major engine manufacturer in the world, our market proven history clearly demonstrates thermoset technology's superior performance in the demanding under the hood environment. (read more)

Formulation, Blending, and Compounding Services

Thermoset molding compounds like SMC, BMC and TMC are not widely understood in many industries. Engineers accustomed to designing in metals, castings and thermoplastics are not as familiar with thermosets. That is where Premix product engineering steps in. (read more)

Quantum Composites R&D and pilot sample production capabilities have and continue to be at the fore front of our materials development activities. (read more)