Service announcements from Creaform Inc.

Product Development Services

Creaform can help you at any step of your product development cycle. Whether you are seeking help with one or a few steps in your process or you are looking for turnkey services. We tailor our service offer to your needs. Our team of skilled CAD technicians and engineers will provide you with exactly what you want. Guaranteed. (read more)

Finite element analysis is a critical tool when it comes to product development. (read more)

Computer-Aided Design (CAD) Services

A master of every step of the process, Creaform takes full charge of your reverse engineering projects. Whether you're looking to create precise, functioning 3D models based on existing objects or preparing 3D reconstructions in a usable, transferable format, we optimize and simplify your product development. (read more)

Product and Component Testing Services

Creaform offers a wide range of numerical simulations and can handle problems from different industries. Our skilled engineers will help your industry find the most efficient and reliable solution to structural, dynamic, seismic, thermal or fluid dynamics issues, using the most advanced software on the market like Nastran, Ansys, LS-Dyna and StarCCM+. (read more)

Dimensional Measurement and Metrology Services

Service aircrafts and their components and structures must be inspected to assess the level of degradation and remaining service life. Creaform’s Handyscan 3D laser scanning system generates high-accuracy 3D data of the existing part. (read more)

Creaform develops and manufactures its own proprietary portable 3D measurement technologies, which are used by our crew of application engineers every day. Our AEs have an extensive and intimate knowledge of our advanced scanners and other complimentary partner technologies, and they operate them to their maximum potential. (read more)

As expert users of several cutting-edge portable 3D measurement technologies, we know that seamless integration of these tools into your business process is key to your success. We are committed to fully understanding and fulfilling your needs and help you improve your processes and maximize your investment. (read more)

Thanks to our team of experienced metrologists, you are guaranteed thoroughness and efficiency. Among our wide array of cutting edge metrology devices and methods, we always pick the ones that will best suit your quality control (QC) and inspection needs, whether they are precision-, cost- or time-related. (read more)

Instructional Seminars and Training Services

The Creaform 3D Engineering Services division offers a wide variety of technical trainings. Our technical training solutions are tailored to maximize the potential of your resources and improve your overall engineering productivity. (read more)

We stand out from the competition because we master all areas of engineering expertise required to deliver large-scale turnkey projects. From budget management to FEA to design certifications, our customers can count on Creaform engineering services to deliver complete projects, in compliance with industry exacting standards. (read more)

Engineering Design Services

Creaform is recognized as a leader in advanced surfacing services. Whether you are making a motorcycle helmet, a car or a personal watercraft, our team of experts will help you get to perfection. (read more)

Creaform has been offering 3D engineering services globally for over 10 years. We’ve acquired a strong expertise in inspection, 3D scanning, reverse engineering, mechanical engineering, and design as well as in finite element analysis. The turnkey projects are carried out either on location, or in Creaform labs. (read more)

Creaform provides expert engineering services to an ever-growing clientele from all over the world. Our team of experienced engineers and technicians have earned a reputation for effectiveness and professionalism and are recognized for their commitment to meet our customers’ requirements with responsiveness and adaptability. (read more)

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