Service announcements from General Magnaplate Corporation

Mold Making Services

General Magnaplate's patented Custom Moldmaking Process Technology (CMPT) reduces time and costs associated with the creation of layup-molds used in fabricating large, contour-shaped composite materials. In as little as six weeks, open-mold tool-faces can be developed compared to the conventional six to 12 months. (read more)

Coating Services

Goldenedge is an ultra-hard, micro-thin coating for use on the cutting edges of blades, knives, slicers and other sharp-edged devices. The coating resists wear and abrasion while dramatically lengthening service life by as much as 20 times. (read more)

Non-Stick, Release Coatings Prevent Buildup Of Residue on Adhesives, Tape and Labeling Equipment Metal Parts (read more)

Mirror-Smooth Microfinish Coating Features Very Low COF and Eliminates Static Buildup (read more)

For Superior Restoration of Worn Surfaces. PLASMADIZE is ideal for protecting or restoring all types of metal parts. (read more)

"Synergistic" Surface Enhancement Technology Maximizes Corrosion Resistance and Hardness of Aluminum and Aluminum Alloys (read more)

Enhanced Proprietary Chrome Process Produces A Thin, Dense, Uniform Coating That Features Superior Adherence And No Edge Buildup (read more)

Enhanced Titanium Nitride (TiN) Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) Coating (read more)

Finishing and Surface Treatment Services

Copolymer Coatings Provide Superior Corrosion And Chemical Resistance, Plus Mold Release ...Even In Extremely Hostile Environments! (read more)

Corrosion Protection Services

The Canadize process augments surface hardness through the infusion of selected proprietary polymers or dry lubricants resulting in a fracture-free coating for titanium and titanium alloys. (read more)

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