Service announcements from General Plastics Manufacturing Co.

Product and Component Testing Services

Whether you have a project in the design stage or need to verify material performance characteristics, look to General Plastics. Our broad range of physical property and flammability testing services use calibrated equipment traceable to NIST. All tests are conducted in our onsite testing laboratories, which include an FAA-approved burn-test facility. (read more)

CNC Machining Services

General Plastics manufactures standard and custom machined parts. GP has considerable capacity for converting foam materials and other non-metallic substrates into useful parts via machining and cutting processes. (read more)

GP offers machining and cutting processes to convert foam materials and other non-metallic substrates into useful parts. (read more)

Foam Fabrication Services

Aerospace Flyaway Parts for Flight Decks and Cabins

We are experts at meeting demanding LAST-A-FOAM® application requirements. We have pattern and tooling capability, and accept customer-supplied CAD data. We also have broad CNC capability to make parts fitting your requirements (read more)

Mold Making Services

GP manufactures standard & custom mold & modelmakers' supplies. (read more)

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