Service announcements from Griffin Pump & Equipment, Inc.

Remediation Services

Utilizing our groundwater control expertise, Griffin Remediation Services can install any type of soil or gas venting wells. This includes construction of passive landfill gas vent systems, gas probe well clusters and methane gas collection systems. (read more)

Especially suited for deep excavations and stratified soils. As many as 100 eductor wells are commonly activated by a single pumping station although this varies considerably on the volumes of water to be pumped and the lift required. The volumes of water which can be pumped by each system are generally low, typically less than 200 gpm. (read more)

Building on Grass-roots experience with 21st century "Green" Dewatering Solutions. (read more)

A wellpoint system consists of a number of wellpoints spaced along a trench or around an excavation site, all connected to a common header, which is attached to one or more wellpoint pumps. (read more)

As our sewer infrastructure continues to age, rehabilitation is needed to keep it up and running. With Griffin's line of trash handling pumps, contractors can bypass sewage during sewer line repairs - getting tough projects done and keeping the system working for the community that relies on it (read more)

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