Service announcements from High Performance Alloys, Inc.

Forging Services

We are now offering forgings made on our forge press. Forging allows for a wide array of mechanical properties. From annealed, precipitation hardened condition, to cold reduced, and the hot worked-as worked conditions. While the possibilities are endless, it depends on the material, and what we are starting with.

We are specializing in the production of bar stock, and other loose... (read more)

Cutting Services

High Performance Alloys Inc. has added a Dynamic Flow waterjet to our shop with a bed size of 6' 6" x 13'. We will specialize in semi finished 2D parts with tight tolerances and superior edge quality. We will be able to cut sheet from 0.018” up to 4” plate. Cutting from drawings in DXF, DWG, OR IGS formats as well as many others. Drawings can also be created based on sketches... (read more)

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