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Surface Engineering Services

Low-pressure (or "vacuum") plasma treatments offered by the Surface Modification Division of TriStar Plastics Corp. are a proven, economical, and environmentally-friendly alternative to conventional polymer surface preparation methods. (read more)

Vacuum plasma treatment is a critical first step to protecting piezo devices (read more)

How can I remove all traces of contamination from inorganic substrates?

When are substrates REALLY clean enough to bond?

Which cleaning method will achieve the best bonding results?

TriStar's Surface Modification Experts are often asked these questions from designers whose products require a supe... (read more)

Is "clean" really clean? In the case of processed metal assemblies or bonding dissimilar materials, the answer is often no. TriStar can apply a coating that leaves inorganic materials such as metal, ceramic, and plastics "ultra" clean. (read more)

Surface Modification is the combination of physics and chemistry working together to modify materials to enhance surface properties. TriStar's Surface Modification Division (SMD) has pioneered all new techniques to address your toughest surface challenges. (read more)

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