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A contactor is a device for controlling electrical current loads for motor control and other power switching systems. The contactor design allows the device to repeatedly make and break load circuits... (View Full Article)
(Sensors, Transducers and Detectors)
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Every industry has its own special language that people "in the know" use to communicate about market-specific tools and events. ABB, of course, helps customers to succeed in many different industries... (View Full Article)
(Electrical Distribution and Protection)
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The short circuit current rating (SCCR) of a control panel is a critical figure to determine in order to adequately protect people who work on or around power equipment. This white paper provides a... (View Full Article)
(Industrial Machine Safeguarding)
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Electrical control panels present more than a few safety risks. Shock, fire, equipment damage, and in certain environments explosions, can result from a panel that's poorly designed or incorrectly... (View Full Article)
(Surge Suppressors)
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Like all electronic devices, industrial control panels are subject to potentially damaging power surges. When a panel is damaged due to lack of surge protection or insufficient protection, there is... (View Full Article)