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(Industrial Controls Software)
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Many modern instruments feature Personal Computer connectivity. A PC connection allows features that a stand-alone instrument cannot provide, such as data upload/download, improved user-interface for... (View Full Article)
(Acoustic and Audio Equipment)
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1 Noise Control Throughout the world, there is renewed effort to control noise levels in residential areas. High noise levels interfere with sleep and various human activities. In the long run it does... (View Full Article)
(Vibration and Acceleration Sensing)
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The Vibration Sentry series datalogger can be used to monitor shipments in transit and record adverse events such as shocks, high vibration levels and/or tilt. In order to do that properly, careful... (View Full Article)
(Data Acquisition Products)
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Is our instrumentation moving with the times? Our current instrumentation owes it genesis to the condenser microphone, simple valve amplifiers and moving coil displays. The existence of highly... (View Full Article)