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(Calibration and Testing Services)
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Electrical strain gages (SG) are reliably used in many applications today. These strain gages were developed more than 50 years ago; today they are technically mature and available in many different... (View Full Article)
(Force Sensing)
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Inspecting constant hangers and rigid holders in power stations has so far involved high personnel expenses. Technip, a globally operating plant manufacturer, uses HBM measurement technology to... (View Full Article)
(Data Acquisition Products)
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Increasing the efficiency of measurement tests and product designs is one of the major tasks for many industries and companies. How can nCode software solutions support technical experts in achieving... (View Full Article)
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The international standard IEEE 1451.4 [1] is the basis for transducer electronic data sheets (TEDS), where information related to the transducer like serial number or nominal sensitivity is stored... (View Full Article)
(Pressure Sensing)
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As well as developing alternative drives, the automotive industry is relying on further improving and increasing the efficiency of traditional combustion engines. This concerns firstly fuel injection... (View Full Article)
(Sensors, Transducers and Detectors)
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Piezo sensors are used to reliably measure pressure, acceleration, tension or force. They are based on the piezoelectric effect which is due to the ability of crystals to generate an electric charge... (View Full Article)