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The chemical adsorption isotherm reveals information about the active surface of a material and has been employed for many years as a standard analytical tool for the evaluation of catalysts.... (View Full Article)
(Density and Specific Gravity Sensing)
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There are a number of manual and automated methods for determining volume and density. This article, however, focuses on laboratory methods that are most often used in research and quality control... (View Full Article)
(Product and Material Testing)
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Mercury intrusion porosimetry is one of only a few analytical techniques that permits an analyst to acquire data over such a broad dynamic range using a single theoretical model. Mercury porosimetry... (View Full Article)
(Chemicals and Raw Materials)
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Since prehistory man has been aware of the importance of particle size in producing resources and wares with desired properties. Archeological evidence indicates that paints used for cave wall... (View Full Article)