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There are cases when a slip ring must be utilized to carry the conductors of copper transmission line (cable) from a rotating platform to a stationary structure. The sharp growth in the use of Gigabit... (View Full Article)
(Linear and Rotary Motion Components)
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A wind turbine typically lasts 20 years. But most wind turbine warranties cover only the first two to five years of a wind turbineĆ¢ s life. As these systems age, not all facility owners are... (View Full Article)
(Networking Equipment)
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The challenge of small, state-of-the-art gimbaled sensor systems that are common Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) payloads is transferring data speeds of Gigabit / sec+ across the rotating interface.... (View Full Article)
(Rotary Position Sensing)
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With the proliferation of high performance, real-time sensing applications, the bandwidth capabilities of the transmission lines that carry these signals are highlighted. Much of the advancement in... (View Full Article)
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Frequently asked questions about Moog linear motors.... (View Full Article)