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Ondrives.Us Corporation, formerly Rino Mechanical

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Peak torque values apply only when the working angle is zero. This calculation takes into account dynamic loading at the joint bearings. To determine angular operating torque, determine application... (View Full Article)
(Power Transmission)
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After many years of discussing gearboxes with engineers, we have developed a questionnaire we use to ensure that we have found all the necessary details of one's application. We use this even if the... (View Full Article)
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Overhung & thrust loads; Gearbox materials; Gearbox application; Grease Filling; Technical Data; Keyway sizes & tapping drill sizes; Inertia & use of inertia figures to aid selection... (View Full Article)
(Fastening and Joining)
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The differences between commercial shoulder screws and precision shoulder screws discussed in detail. Tolerances, materials and other subjects explained... (View Full Article)