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A ball bearing screw is just that: a screw which runs on ball bearings. The screw and nut have matching helical grooves or races, and the ball bearings recirculate in these races. There is no physical... (View Full Article)
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The R/B/S line of ACME screw products has been designed and manufactured to provide an economical means for converting angular/rotational motion to linear/translational motion. The R/B/S standard line... (View Full Article)
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The BMR series bearing mounts are SIMPLE RADIAL supports utilizing shielded Radial ball bearings for supporting radial load components. These bearing mounts are NOT intended to support axial load... (View Full Article)
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Ball Screw Selection Example. Specification: Equipment: Transfer Table Screw Orientation: Horizontal Load Supported on Dove Tail Ways: .20 Coefficient of friction Load is 2500 lbs. Max (combined... (View Full Article)
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Proper lubrication along with reducing/eliminating foreign contamination are essential for preventing premature catastrophic failure. The R/B/S multi-purpose PTFE fortified synthetic grease has been... (View Full Article)

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