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(Heating and Cooling Equipment)
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Find the amount of flash steam formed from condensate in downstream pipework due to the pressure drop across a throttling device like a steam trap. The calculator can also be used to size a flash... (View Full Article)
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Undersized pipes create large pressure drops and high velocities, whilst oversized pipes are unnecessary and costly. This calculator allows steam and condensate pipes to be sized correctly. Steam... (View Full Article)
(Material Handling and Packaging Services)
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Find the heat losses from rectangular and cylindrical tanks for the start-up and running conditions. The calculator determines the heating requirment to satisfy the larger of the two heat loads, and... (View Full Article)
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The calculator allows valve flow coefficients to be determined for various flowrates and pressure drops. It can also calculate the flowrate for a given flow coefficient and pressure drop, or the... (View Full Article)