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(Process Controllers)
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Micron Instruments has been a leader in design and manufacturing of high-precision semiconductor strain gages. With wireless sensing rapidly becoming the data acquisition method of choice, Micron... (View Full Article)
(Force Sensing)
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Perhaps the most popular strain gage is the foil-type gage, produced by photo-etching techniques, and using similar metals to the wire types (alloys of copper-nickel, nickel-chromium, nickel-iron,... (View Full Article)
(RF, Microwave, and Wireless Components)
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The five words in the title convey many requirements. To satisfy these requirements, a sensor for implantable medical applications needs to be reliable and have a long life -which also means no... (View Full Article)
(Data Acquisition Products)
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Tinytag temperature data loggers are used to monitor medicines and vaccines throughout the cold chain.... (View Full Article)