Instrumentation and Analytical solutions for industries and utilities.
Proven in space, on the ocean floor and everywhere in between.
To operate any process efficiently, it is essential to actuate, measure, record and control. ABB is your best partner when selecting measurement solutions that deliver maximum return on your investment. When investing in ABB’s measurement products and solutions you are receiving the best technology, reliability and service in the business.

ABB Measurement Products´ ability to satisfy customers’ needs has never been greater, being built upon the leading names and brands in the automation world: Bailey, Bush Beach Engineering, Fischer&Porter, Hartmann&Braun, Kent,            
K-TEK, Schoppe&Faeser, Sensycon, Taylor and TBI-Bailey.

Unrivalled in its scope and applications expertise, ABB Measurement Products is a global leader with solutions certified to international standards, a worldwide network of manufacturing plants and strategically situated calibration laboratories.

 Across a wide range of applications – in a wide range of industries, ABB is working in partnership with their customers:

ABB Measurement Products delivers not only high quality device solutions but also levels of customer care that continually enhance their business.

ABB Measurement Products delivers intelligent, informed support throughout all the stages of industrial processes – worldwide. 

Their customers have the extra assurance that comes from knowing that ABB´s high quality products are supported by worldwide teams of ABB factory trained engineers – from installation and commissioning to maintenance and training.

”So if you need to measure, control, record, actuate or analyze, ABB Measurement Products has products and services backed by a network of hundreds of sales offices, service centers, manufacturing sites and calibration rigs to provide your industry, utility or municipality with world-class instrumentation solutions.”


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