ALMATEC is a premier manufacturer of air-operated diaphragm pumps made of plastic and metal with a specialization in plastic pumps with solid housings. The used plastic materials are PE, which is highly resistant to abrasion and PTFE with a resistance to virtually all chemicals. The metal pumps are made of precision-cast stainless steel.

ALMATEC Maschinenbau GmbHBesides the standard range of plastic and metal pumps, ALMATEC offers special pumps for ultrapure liquids, high temperatures, paint and glue supply systems, filter press feeding, sterile applications, laboratory and sample pulling.

ALMATEC - headquartered in Kamp-Lintfort, Germany - is a member of Dover Corporation’s Pump Solutions Group (PSGÔ).

Production began in 1984 and is based on decades of experience in the pump sector. Numerous trend-setting developments resulted and the product range diversified to provide solutions to a whole variety of problems far beyond Germany's borders.

The excellent product quality and the unmistakable design has become a trademark. Up to now 150000 pumps are delivered to customers all over the world.

Central factors of ALMATEC's business philosophy are not only to keep up but to always increase product quality and at the same time to respect all aspects of environmentalism. For ALMATEC, ecological responsibility and economic success are not only no contradiction, but basic values of business acting.

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