ARC Technologies, Inc.

ARC Technologies is the world’s leading designer and manufacturer of absorber materials for the control of unwanted electronic interference. ARC’s diverse product range ensures a solution is available to you whether the problem is at 10MHz, 40GHz or anywhere in between. Broad material and process options mean a product which integrates smoothly with your design and meets your cost targets.

Engineering services and technical support are a key strength. ARC is committed to developing or adapting products to meet the specific requirements of their customers. This technology driven philosophy has led to an innovative product portfolio which includes:

  • Thin EMI/RFI absorber sheets
  • Microwave absorbers:
    MAGRAM, lossy foam multilayer and honeycomb
  • Advanced composite absorbers
  • Molded and extruded thermoplastic absorbers
  • Heat shrink tube absorbers for cables and connectors

ARC products are used in a variety of markets including telecom, commercial electronics, automotive, military / defense and medical. ARC is QS-9001 registered and its products are available worldwide.

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