Acemade Group Ltd. designs and manufactures high performance industrial magnets and magnetic assemblies. Their product line includes

  • Rare Earth Magnet (NdFeB): 1200 tons/year
  • Ferrite Magnet: 800 tons/year
  • Flexible Magnet: 2500 tons/year

Acemade's management team has over 10 years experience in the magnetic field, plus the critical production process is under quality control systems ISO 9001:2002 and TS 16949:2002. Acemade's magnets surpass their competitors in terms of their stability of quality and superior properties. You can find Acemade magnets widely used in motors, appliances, medical equipment, loud speakers and wind power generators, etc.

Acemade's R&D experts can also provide engineering services and magnetic system design, their experience in studying high performance permanent magnets will solve key problems for your applications.

In order to become a highly dependable source for all your magnets needs, Acemade collaborates with the most reliable and outstanding factories for raw materials, machining and logistics in China. As a port city Ningbo located supplier, the usual order can be finished and delivered within 10-25 days.

The best quality, reasonable prices and just-in-time delivery are always Acemade's absolute commitment to their customers. Acemade is sure that their technical knowledge and sound systems in the magnetic business will significantly help your product developments.

What Acemade Group Can do for You:

  • Customized Industrial Magnets
  • Magnetic Prototypes for Newly Developed Appliances
  • Magnetic Engineering Assistance
  • Magnet Design Assistance
  • Magnet Assembly Source
Acemade Group Ltd.
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