Manufacturer and designer of wireless and microwave components. Aeroflex / Inmet's custom design capabilities have generated a substantial number of innovative microwave and wireless components for use in many markets and programs for more than 30 years.

As product development is a core value, Aeroflex / Inmet will continue to demonstrate its talent for tackling new design tasks. Unusual customer specifications which require Inmet engineering to build custom components enable Inmet to stay ahead in wireless technology by designing, creating, testing and delivering products to be used in 2G, 3G, 4G systems and beyond.

Enthusiastic reaction to Aeroflex / Inmet's total commitment to quality, selection, and just-in-time delivery of precision-made microwave and wireless components has resulted in Inmet's "preferred supplier" designation by many buyers. With notable success in advancing new products, the company's widely known lineup of off-the-shelf products is relied upon by its many customers.

Coaxial components in the DC to 65 GHz frequency range with power levels from 1 to 300 watts, enhance Inmet's vision to become the world's number one source for coaxial attenuators. The company offers over 3,000 variations of coaxial component solutions up to and including DC-65 GHz. Some examples follow:

  • Coaxial Attenuators (1-300 Watt, DC-50 GHz)
  • RF Coaxial Test Cables (DC to 33 GHz)
  • Adapters (In-series and Between Series, DC-65 GHz)
  • DC Blocks (Inner, Outer, Inner/Outer Designs, up to 40 GHz)
  • Equalizers (High Performance, DC-40 GHz)
  • Short & Open Circuits (DC-40 GHz)
  • Terminations (1-300 Watts, DC-50 GHz)
  • Power Dividers (DC-26.5 GHz)
  • Bias Tees (General Purpose, High Power, Broadband)

Aeroflex / Inmet also designs and manufactures multi-component hybrid products such as "between series attenuators," combination "DC block/attenuators," and "by-pass attenuators." Today, Aeroflex / Inmet is a leader in reducing the costs of components while maintaining "first class performance." As mentioned above, on demand inventory features hundreds of off-the-shelf catalog items ready for same-day shipment, or overnight delivery.

In addition, many products are available through Richardson Electronics, or RFMW, Aeroflex / Inmet’s distributors. By increasing your efficiency and profitability through their total commitment to service, support, quality, delivery, low prices and innovation, Inmet ensures your success...which in turn becomes Aeroflex / Inmet's success as well.

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