ALY Fabrication, Inc.

ALY Fabrication Inc., was founded in 1957 by Anderson, Leseman and Yeager, the A, L, and Y forming the name of the company. Robert E. Leseman took the company in new directions and developed the business as a custom metal fabrication shop manufacturing recuperators, heat exchangers, gas coolers and preheaters. After Robert’s untimely death in 1987, his wife Lois and their daughter Linda Lanning took over the company.

Lois Leseman was the first vertical up woman welder at American Bridge, Pittsburgh, PA,
during WWII.  She welded LST Navy Ships for the D Day Campaign and received the honor of launching the LST 286 into the Ohio River.

ALY Fabrication, Inc. holds certificates of authorization for ASME Code “U” and “S” and the National Board “R” and “NB”. The Quality Program has a proven record through continuous quality audits by former, as well as, new customers. Their products include but are not limited to pressure vessels, heat exchangers, custom mixers, storage tanks, high pressure piping, pollution control equipment and military hardware.

For over 50 years, ALY Fabrication, Inc., continues to provide quality metal fabrication services at competitive prices with on time delivery.  Although their staff specializes in stainless steel and nickel alloys, they are also capable of fabricating carbon steel and combinations if carbon steel, stainless and nickel alloys. 

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