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Nothing But Semiconductors!

Announcing a new on- line semiconductor store. If it's not in our huge ever growing (150,000 line item inventory) we'll get it for you!

Save time with our new, easy to use, fast, verified security store. Take it for a spin. The only one of its kind in the known world! Why waste time with inventoryless  time consuming brokers; why shop in an empty store? Give AMSYXX  store a try instead.

Need a part we haven’t got in our inventory? Let us know and we'll get it for you.

Free UPS land shipping in lower 48 for orders over $100.00

We’ll split the shipping cost for orders of $200.00 or more for others on the planet. Same day shipping.

40+ years selling semiconductors and over 120 years of semiconductor sales experience.

No minimum order requirement for store.

Need a part manufactured by discontinued manufacturers like:

Sarkes-Tarzian, Philco, Industro Transistor, Transistron, Sprague, Varo, Coors Semiconductor (Yes the beer producer), Teledyne Semiconductor, Syntron, Sylvania, Pirgo, Sperry Semiconductor, Unitrode, Electronic Transistor Corp., Delco, Sylvania, CBS Labs, NAE, ITT Semiconductor, Semicon, Schockley, etc.? Let us know, we can help.

We are certified AS9100 Rev C and ISO9001:2008.

We sell semiconductors worldwide.

  • We design, manufacture, and test all types of semiconductors
  • We engineer, redesign, and modify semiconductors
  • We offer equivalents and replacements for discontinued/obsolete Semiconductors
  • If you have a sample of what you want, we will evaluate your sample requirement!
  • We accept and deliver small manufacturing orders, efficiently and on time.
  • We can supply test data, if needed, on all our parts
  • We do selection and matching of semiconductor parameters

Satisfying customers is our goal.

Supplier Directory Categories

Analog Comparators
(368 Products)
Avalanche Diodes
(32 Products)
Bar Graph Arrays
(20 Products)
Cable Ties
(190 Products)
(1,850 Products)
Ceramic Capacitors
(538 Products)
Circuit Breakers
(30 Products)
Delay Lines
(105 Products)
(20 Products)
Diode Arrays
(183 Products)
(8,613 Products)
(172 Products)
(524 Products)
FIFO Memory
(3 Products)
FLASH Memory Chips
(117 Products)
Film Capacitors
(150 Products)
(1,410 Products)
(456 Products)
Hookup Wires
(708 Products)
IC Clocks
(187 Products)
IC Interfaces
(2,120 Products)
IC Power Supplies
(107 Products)
IC Timers
(1 Product)
IC Voltage Regulators
(1,014 Products)
LCD Drivers
(1 Product)
LED Drivers
(12 Products)
LED Light Strips
(78 Products)
Logic Adders
(82 Products)
Logic Counters
(1,042 Products)
Logic Dividers
(63 Products)
Logic Gates
(3,497 Products)
Logic Latches
(508 Products)
Logic Multiplexers
(588 Products)
Memory Chips
(2,544 Products)
(7 Products)
(256 Products)
(84 Products)
PIN Diodes
(13 Products)
Patch Panels
(16 Products)
(28 Products)
(71 Products)
Power Amplifiers
(88 Products)
Power Diodes
(152 Products)
(212 Products)
(2,804 Products)
Reed Relays
(43 Products)
Relay Sockets
(12 Products)
(2,525 Products)
Rocker Switches
(159 Products)
SRAM Memory Chips
(1,120 Products)
Schottky Diodes
(839 Products)
Shift Registers
(972 Products)
Shrink Tubing
(585 Products)
(20 Products)
Terminal Blocks
(182 Products)
(3,544 Products)
Toggle Switches
(233 Products)
(8,807 Products)
(456 Products)
Tunnel Diodes
(23 Products)
Varactor Diodes
(132 Products)
(62 Products)
Wire Terminals
(511 Products)
Zener Diodes
(2,287 Products)
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