Solutions for Photonics Applications

Artifex Engineering designs and manufactures systems and subsystems for industrial and R&D applications. Our main product lines are:

  • test systems for laser diodes and LEDs - including high power devices
  • laser power and energy meters
  • transimpedance amplifiers

We service the following application areas:

  • device manufacturers: production control and QC
  • production automation equipment manufacturers
  • R&D in industry, universities and research institutions

As an OEM supplier, we consider our customer relationship to be a valuable asset. We see a major component of our products in the comprehensive sales support we provide and with more than 20 years experience in the field, we are well positioned to offer our customers advice and design consultation.

Our products form the basis of a wide range of R&D and industrial metrological applications. At Artifex Engineering we strive to maintain a close relationship with our customers to ensure that the products we deliver meet your needs cost effectively. We understand that your application is not standard and so we offer customization of all of our products, even for single units. Our manufacturing infrastructure includes rapid prototyping machinery and a flexible manufacturing environment allowing us to customize quickly and efficiently – a definite pricing advantage.

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