BTECH, Inc.BTECH's roots stem from the Singer Corporation, world famous for its sewing machines. In the 1980's the company concentrated on a number of high technology projects, one of them focused on developing a method to predict battery failure.  In 1989, When Singer Corporation was sold to Semi-Tech International for their sewing machine business and famous brand name, the engineering team working on battery failure prediction bought the license to the technology and all future patents. In the basement of the former VP of Engineering's home, BTECH was born with the mission to commercialize the technology.
The beginning years of the company were hard, as much time and effort was spent convincing the technical community that impedance monitoring and data trending could indeed predict failure. Fast forward to today - with over 4,000 global installations and a proven track record, there is no longer any doubt that their method works.  Today, BTECH has incorporated 17 years worth of battery monitoring experience and data to offer the world a way to virtually eliminate your battery failure risk. They’ve developed an advanced approach based on managing battery systems with real-time measurement data that is easy to implement.
With this in mind, BTECH has developed the new, fifth generation S5 series battery monitoring system, and a new and comprehensive sales and service plan with the mission to help you manage your batteries - BTECH's NEVERFAIL Battery Monitoring Partnership.


Protecting high volume data centers, vital military bases and high visibility government agencies around the globe.  Now planners from all segments of business, education and government are discovering and incorporating BTECH technology into their plans.

Gives you the assurance your power plan will work during everyday power interruptions or longer outages.
Industry leading designs are based on comprehensive real-world experience solving a common power problem that will shut down critical business operations without warning.

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