Welcome to BatteryDAQ, the leading supplier of battery monitoring products.

BatteryDAQ’s pioneering technologies and platform allows customers the ability to reliably monitor millions of batteries around the world. Their systems serve the following industries; telecom, data centers, utilities, traffic control, oil pipelines and public transportation.

:: Telecom Central Offices – BatteryDAQ's system is the proven product for high capacity (up to 4,500 Ah) batteries. The 3rd generation Arshanold series of products can measure extremely low internal resistance at 1 micro ohm resolution. The battery data can then be accessed via their comprehensive MyBattery informatics platform or through integration into existing management systems.

  Maintenance, Testing, and Replacement of stationary batteries play a vital role in securing mission-critical systems. Valid automated battery monitoring provides essential information about the operating condition and state of health of battery systems.  


:: Telecom Outside Plants and Cellular Sites – In addition to Arshanold products which cover all telecom 24V or 48V systems with 2V cells, the compact Sentry is a 3rd generation monitor designed for outside/remote cabinets with 6V or 12V batteries. The wireless GPRS module pumps data to the MyBattery Platform. One technician can easily manage thousands sites on Google Map. BatteryDAQ is proud to offer major telecom operators this standalone, cost effective battery monitoring solution.

:: UPS High Capacity – BatteryDAQ is the most competitive and complete provider of large scale battery monitoring systems for the high capacity UPS units which are in use in trade and financial/banking centers. Typical example: 240 x 2V string, multiple strings per site.

:: UPS Medium Capacity – Thousands of systems currently in service validate BatteryDAQ's effectiveness at providing precise measurements for UPS systems with high ripple current. Multiple network options make the data access easy for both internal management and outside preventive-maintenance service providers. Typical example: 40 x 12V per string.

:: UPS Low Capacity – Small UPSs often play an important role in offices but often lack reliable monitoring. "When should I replace the battery?" BatteryDAQ provides low cost DIY (Do it yourself) kits for state-of-health monitoring. Typical example: 2 x 4 x 12V

:: Electricity DC – BatteryDAQ provides full line products for power generation, distribution, switchgear and communication. Typical examples: 1) 60 x 2V VRLA or wet cells; 2) 120 x 2V; 3) 10 x 12V; 4) 18 x 12V. NEMA 4 (IP 65) rating allows product to be installed in battery room.

:: Oil Pipeline – Tailored for solar power application, BatteryDAQ's product can not only precisely measure the low internal resistance typically found in NiCad but also analyze day/night charge/discharge data to determine the state-of-heath for each cell. It interfaces to SCADA or GPRS (depending upon wireless availability). Wide operational temperature range allows for desert deployment. Typical example: 18 x 1.2V NiCad.

:: Municipal Electric Bus – While Eco friendly, the cost, reliability and safety of hybrid buses are a major concern to public transportation engineers. No matter what types of batteries are employed, the maintenance of a large number of heavy batteries is a big challenge. Poorly maintained batteries will decrease their life span significantly. BatteryDAQ's wireless monitoring and data management solutions have been customized for many big cities.

:: Traffic Control Cabinets – While only requiring 4 or 8 batteries, they play an important role during power outages. BatteryDAQ?s cost effective monitor has onboard intelligence which allows it to process voltage and internal resistance data and output accurate alarm. It can be easily integrated to a main controller or linked to the MyBattery Platform.

:: High Voltage Battery Test or Electric Vehicle Road Test – The Arshanold module is an ideal portable data acquisition device for battery systems up to 400V. With Battery Analyzer software, it is not only accurate but easy to record each battery?s curve. Quick link to: Battery Test Kit for Electric Vehicle Development

BatteryDAQ products can also be easily integrated into existing network management systems through SNMP trap, embedded web or standard Modbus poll to platforms such as Schneider PowerLogic System Manager, HP OpenView and IBM Tivoli NetView etc. To meet the growing trend of having monitors pre-installed in racks/cabinets, BatteryDAQ provides tailored integration/OEM kits and training. MyBattery Platform has been rapidly growing to provide reliable battery management services to global customers.

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