Harold Beck & Sons, Inc., Digital Control Module (DCM)

Beck manufactures electric actuators for industrial control valves and dampers. Beck valve and damper drives are designed for continuous modulating control, and suitable for difficult industrial environments typical of coal-fired utilities, industrial powerhouses, steel mills, cement plants, paper mills and chemical plants. Available features include built-in positioner electronics with available HART communications capabilities, live torque measurement, position indication, and diagnostics. All models are weatherproof and explosion-proof actuators are also available.
Harold Beck & Sons, Inc., Group 22 Control Drives

Harold Beck & Sons, Inc.'s Products Include:

  • Damper Drives

  • Quarter-Turn Valve Drives

  • Linear-stroke/Globe Valve Actuators

  • Burner Tilt, Fluid Drive and Gate Damper Actuators

  • Expert Support Services

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