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Burger & Brown Engineering, Inc. is Your Source For:

Whatever parts your manufacturing process requires, Burger & Brown Engineering is a valuable resource for precision contract machining of steel, aluminum, brass, stainless steel and plastic materials.

Burger & Brown Engineering routinely machines ultra-precise parts that few companies are capable of.

Industrial Automation machinery from Burger & Brown Engineering will improve your efficiency and cost effectiveness you bottom-line results.
Burger & Brown Engineering's Mission

Total customer satisfaction is the number one goal at Burger & Brown Engineering. By providing you with expertise, experience, and meticulous attention to detail, they seek to become your 'Partner in Precision' for the long-term.

Water Manifolds help you increase cooling efficiency and speed cycles by providing ample water supply to cooling processes.

Smartline™ Greaseless Mold Carrier and Alignment System eliminate wear and the need for grease with Smartline™

Smartflow® Ferrogard™ removes metallic particles including rust from cooling water and hydraulic fluid circuits protecting pumps, seals, and valuable tooling from excessive wear.

Flowmeters in standard mechanical, Hot Oil, and Electronic versions. Sizes from 1/4" to 2" and many flow ranges provide valuable information for process control and troubleshooting.

Flow Regulators incorporate Smartflow®'s proven small flowmeter, temperature gauge and needle valve into one rugged, compact unit for dependable individual cooling circuit control.

Limit Switches (Thinswitch®, Versaswitch™, and Smartlock®) help prevent costly damage to valuable tooling.

The Smartflow® unique, non-electric Mold Temperature Regulator provides temperature control to single or multiple zones easily, without power.

Speed injection mold changes with SWAP® Valve to quickly evacuate cooling water.

Quickly Tie-In and release press and mold ejector systems with Smartflow FasTie®, SpeedBar ® and K-Link™.

Use our Configurator — Custom Manifold Assemblies from Standard Smartflow Components.

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