CCI Thermal Technologies Inc. is a leader in advanced heating and filtration solutions. They engineer and manufacture a wide array of heating and filtration products for industrial, commercial and hazardous area applications throughout the world. Their products represent the broadest based industry expertise and the range of their technologies enables their application in any environment.

At CCI Thermal Technologies Inc., success is founded in the strength and diversity of their brands. The Cata-Dyne™ brand is the industry standard in explosion-proof infrared gas catalytic heating. The Ruffneck™ product line includes explosion-proof electric unit heaters, heat-exchanger unit heaters, industrial electric air heaters and explosion-proof thermostats. The Norseman™ line provides a range of explosion proof convection heaters, as well as electric unit heaters. Caloritech™ is a leading manufacturer of custom engineered electric process heating equipment and a major supplier of industrial heating products including immersion heaters, electric forced air heaters, tubular and finned tubular electric elements. Fastrax® is the leading supplier of efficient, engineered electric rail heating systems and provides custom designed and manufactured energy saving, automated, control systems. 3L Filters™ supplies a broad range of liquid filters, strainers, separators, pressure vessels and custom engineered products and systems. DriQuik™ provides components for infrared drying ovens and automated pre-finishing systems.

The manufacturing strength of CCI Thermal is maintained in five strategic locations across North America. Their Corporate Head Office in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada is also the home of their Western Canadian manufacturing operation. CCI Thermal currently maintains two plants in the province of Ontario - Oakville and Orillia - that house their Eastern Canadian manufacturing operation. Finally, their United States manufacturing operations are located in Greensburg, Indiana and Denver, Colorado with a Sales & Service Center located in Houston, Texas.

CCI Thermal provides a wide range of standard products plus custom engineered solutions to meet any customer application. The facilities in Canada and the United States are home to their growing team of several hundred experienced and knowledgeable employees, where new ideas are developed, tested and brought to their customers. CCI Thermal Technologies Inc. is honoured to be recognized as one of Canada’s 50 Best Managed Companies and has attained Platinum Club member status.

The company's commitment to research, product development and excellence in manufacturing has made their products the industry standard. CCI Thermal's dedication to superior customer service guarantees their continued success.

Includes explosion-proof infrared gas catalytic heaters, super conductors, instrument gas pre-heaters, valve & pipeline heater enclosures, and MKII side mounted heaters.

At work in: Oil & Gas, hydrocarbon and industrial.

Includes FX5 explosion-proof electric air heaters, AH/AV heat-exchanger unit heaters, HP/FR heat-exchanger unit heaters, CX1 explosion-proof electric air heaters, CR1 corrosion-resistant washdown unit heaters, XGB forced air heaters, XF forced air heaters, XB convection heaters, XP convection heaters, and XT thermostats.

At work in: Industrial & commercial, oil & gas, pulp and paper, water sewage and treatment, hydrocarbon processing, hazardous materials, power generation, government and military.

Includes tubular heaters, cartridge heaters, strip heaters, immersion heaters, circulation heaters, custom engineered heaters, radiant heaters, convection heaters, duct heaters, forced air duct heaters, control panels, controls and accessories.

At work in: Aerospace, railway & transit, hydrocarbon processing, industrial, commercial, residential, food and power generation.

Includes unit heaters, convection heaters and thermostats.

At work in: Industrial & commercial, oil & gas, pulp and paper, water sewage and treatment, hydrocarbon processing, hazardous materials, power generation, government and military.

3L Filters has satisfied the most demanding industrial filtration requirements for over 40 years. A broad range of standard and custom products includes liquid filters, strainers, separators, pressure vessels, and engineered products and systems. 3L Filters has special expertise for nuclear, petrochemical, water treatment and environmental applications.

Fastrax® has revolutionized the railroad track and switch heating industry with the introduction of the environmentally friendly, flat electric heating technology. Fastrax® products have provided the most efficient heat transfer for rail track and switch equipment and are designed for low maintenance and long life even in the harshest conditions. Renowned for its patented Switchblade® heater and patented Spring Tension Clamp, Fastrax® also custom designs and manufactures energy saving automated control systems.

At work in: Railway & transit.

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