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Cambridge Polymer Group, Inc.


Since 1996, Cambridge Polymer Group has been providing contract testing, research, and development in the area of materials to clients world wide. We continuously improve our offerings to our clients, through new test methods, instrumentation, and materials experience.

Cambridge Polymer Group, Inc. ("CPG") is a contract research laboratory that specializes in providing polymeric materials services for clients worldwide. Headquartered in Boston, MA, our researchers are experts in a broad range of scientific fields, including chemical, electrical, biomedical and mechanical engineering, materials science, and biology. For over 15 years, we have provided a single source solution for polymeric research.

CPG’s core competencies include property enhancement, test methodology development, radiation chemistry, rheology, failure analysis and blends formulations. Our work can be found in a range of industries including biomedical, resin manufacturers and processors, consumer products, gels, adhesives, food products, and inks.

The services and products we offer range from full service consultation on material development to providing more traditional testing results. We offer a line of analytical instruments for polymer characterization and can design custom instrumentation for clients.

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