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Ball Valves
(70 Products)
Bladder Pumps
(3 Products)
Booster Pumps
(6 Products)
Check Valves
(205 Products)
Drain Valves
(2 Products)
Filter Elements
(57 Products)
Filter Housings
(13 Products)
Gate Valves
(14 Products)
Globe Valves
(4 Products)
Industrial Pipe
(237 Products)
Industrial Valves
(389 Products)
Metering Pumps
(5 Products)
Pipe Fittings
(634 Products)
Plastic Pipe
(237 Products)
Plastic Pumps
(6 Products)
Plastic Valves
(155 Products)
Sink Faucets
(4 Products)
(236 Products)
Water Filters
(14 Products)
Water Valves
(11 Products)
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Technical Articles

The A.S. Baker Company (Engineering and Technical Services) THE GREAT AMERICAN DREAM of fame and fortune is grasped by many in many different ways. For six men in Evansville, Wisconsin, it was to take the shape of the A. S. Baker Company. Their... (View Full Article)