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Canon USA Motion Control


Canon USA Motion Control

Canon's ironcore, coreless and brushless dc-motors can be found in robotic systems, semiconductor process equipment, sporting equipment, currency/credit card acceptor mechanisms, medical devices, entertainment products, diagnostic equipment, pumps, banking and gaming equipment, to name a few.

Canon's dc-motors are custom manufactured to achieve the exact speed, power and current required of the OEM application. In addition, they are able to reduce OEM labor and material costs by supplying motors with gears, pinions, pulleys, lead wires, and connectors already attached.

Canon motors are RoHS-compliant and are completely designed, manufactured and assembled in their ISO 9001 certified facilities.

Canon USA Motion ControlBrushless Motors
Canon USA Motion Control Canon's Brushless motors are compact in size and provide high output power.
Canon USA Motion ControlCoreless Motors
Canon USA Motion Control Canon's Coreless motors create high power output from a small package.
Canon USA Motion ControlIroncore Motors
Canon USA Motion Control Canon's Ironcore motors come in a wide variety of sizes and windings.
Canon USA Motion ControlActuator Units
Canon USA Motion Control Canon's Actuator units are developed and designed by utilization and implementation of simulation techniques combined with motors, their core technology.

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