Cellwatch, by NDSL
Cellwatch, by NDSL

The Cellwatch system was a pioneer in its ability to monitor batteries daily, now regarded as an essential requirement for critical UPS and power-protection applications.

This modular design is well suited for every application, from small systems to multi-building campuses.

With offices in Raleigh, NC, Milton Keynes, England and Shanghai, China, NDSL is the leading global provider of battery monitoring solutions.

The award winning Cellwatch monitoring system is used on some of the world's most critical computer systems by companies such as Exodus (Cable & Wireless), Schering Plough, GlaxoSmithKline, TeleCity, Shell, Globix, EDS and many more. It is also used in several UK and US government installations.

The modular design of the Cellwatch system has helped to make it the preferred choice of end users, specifiers, consultants and power supply distributors, the world over.

The Cellwatch system conforms and is qualified to the appropriate CE & UL regulations and undergoes 100% pre-delivery testing. In addition to its reliability, other advantages of Cellwatch include its flexible system design and expandability; predictive monitoring; plus remote surveillance capabilities (allowing online monitoring / diagnostics / data analysis plus up- and downloading of data). This is a user-friendly system and is a totally cost-effective solution to all battery monitoring requirements.

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