Employee owned manufacturer of interference filters for the ultra-violet, visible and near-infrared portions of the spectrum, including bandpass, multiple bandpass, and long and short pass filters, as well as beamsplitters, dichroic mirrors and laser rejection filters.

The company specializes in precision spectral control, including extra high signal-to-noise ratio filters and those with rapid cut-on and cut-off profiles. The manufacturing process involves precisely depositing, in a vacuum, extremely thin layers of two or more materials on a glass or similarly transparent substrate.

Since 1991, Chroma has worked closely with the community of molecular and cell biologists worldwide to develop the best possible solutions to applications requiring fluorescence filters.

Chroma joins more than 775 corporations in 27 countries representing 60 industries that use the power of business to help solve social and environmental problems. Certified B Corporations must meet rigorous, independent and transparent standards for social and environmental performance. By being certified as a B Corporation a company’s social enterprise platform is written into its corporate governance and directors of B Corporations are required to consider the effect of decisions not only on shareholders, but also on other stakeholders, such as workers, community, and the environment.

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