Cleverscope make high functionality mixed signal USB oscilloscopes with built in signal generators.

Our CS328A-XS oscilloscope will suit you if you want good 8M sample depth, great 14 bit (80 dB dynamic range) resolution, tools such as Tracking Zoom, Spectrum Analysis, Protocol decoding, Arbitrary Equation Symbolic Maths, and Matlab and Excel connectivity. Our 100 MSPS sample rate will match up if you like to look at signals that takes 10ns or longer to happen.

The 100 MHz analog bandwidth front end simultaneously captures a mixed signal sample set (2 Analog Channels, 8 Digital Inputs and the external trigger) at 100 MSPS.  Our dual triggers can be combined any which way - Analog and Digital Pattern, event counting, inter event time, and event sequence.  The built in Sig Gen that can be swept synchronous with sampling for Gain/Phase, Curve Tracing and system stimulus. You'll find custom units, scaling and names (such as kPa or deg C) useful.

Unlike many other PC oscilloscopes, we give you DC offset. So looking at a 40 mV signal at 2.5V in your single supply design is no problem. Just zoom in to view.

You can connect using USB or Ethernet. USB is fast (30 Mbytes/sec) while Ethernet (6 Mbytes/sec) is electrically isolated from the PC, and the scope can be anywhere on the network.

If you need very long captures, Cleverscope supports continuous streaming to disk at up to 1.5 MSPS. Panning and zooming a 200 G Sample file is quick and easy. Export chunks as needed. And each sample holds all the inputs (2A + 8D + Ext Trig).

Simply copy and paste waveforms into your reports. Send your test results via email. Use an image projector to work with a group. Or use the advanced maths and signal processing to extract important signal information...with just a few clicks of your mouse. See our price list to check out all the options. 

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Interested in Cleverscope but not sure it will do the job? Check out this PDF,  which graphically shows you all the things Cleverscope can do for you.

Cleverscope has considerable analysis ability. After you've downloaded the evaluation application why not download a couple of our worked examples? Here we illustrate protocol decoding, using the two triggers, and filtering in Maths, and much else besides. All the examples come with a sample file for you to open, and some have a PDF explaining what is going on.

Best of all, this affordable product is only a click away. Or you can freely download the demo version of the Cleverscope software and you're ready to evaluate. No extra hardware or special devices are required.

Our resources page includes useful information about Cleverscope such as guided tours, screen shots, and product comparison tables. Here you will also find Drivers, the latest updates for our software and hardware, and manuals.

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